Heavy Agger 2017


Saturday morning is a slow starter. The sky has greyed and a bit of rain has scarred the otherwise nice weather we saw yesterday. The metalheads are holding back – it would seem that a show start at 12 noon is too early. Hence, the whole programme is postponed half an hour or so, and then Wasted enter the small Heavy Agger stage. Not too many people here, but the atmosphere is still good.

Now, this Copenhagen band who put out their first demo in 1982 and released their first full-length in 1984. A second album was recorded and released in 2003 after the band had come back together after a long hiatus. But, yes, you can talk about old school in a very real sense. Apart from the bassist and the drummer, the rest of the band, i.e. singer Michael Sonne and guitarists Allen Sørensen and Thomas X-mas Olsen are original members.

There are of course signs that these fine gentlemen aren’t spring chicks anymore, most notably the fact that Sonne needs his glasses to read the set list. He also chatters a lot, but I wouldn’t know if always did that.

The repertoire contains a number of good and effective heavy metal songs. Not being familiar with their material, I lack the joy of recognition, but I’m entertained and there’s a good feeling around the first gig of the day. The good feeling is propelled further as Allan Iversen, one of festival organisers and if anyone THE personification of the devoted Agger metal fan, is invited (forced) on stage to receive Wasted’s presents to him in celebration of his 50th birthday, which happens to be today,

All pictures ©Aga Zu (except were stated otherwise). Used with kind permission.

Allan Iversen was appropriately celebrated during the day – here by Wasted
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