Copenhell 2019 - Day 2


When the choice stands between an old school death metal I haven’t seen before and a new school tech death band like Tesseract, the choice is obvious for me: The old school wins!

50-year-old Johnny Hedlund is a true death metal warrior. 30 years of Unleashed is no mean feat, and although death metal most likely hasn’t made him a millionaire, Hedlund and his fellow warriors battle on relentlessly.

Kicking off with an intro of Viking horns and then”Blood of Lies”, the opener from my favourite Unleashed album, Midvinterblot, the four Swedes send us a fair warning: They mean business on this sunny Friday afternoon. Only…Anders Schultz’s drums aren’t as ready as the band. A few minutes are wasted on the technical issues, and Hedlund has to improvise in front of the few thousand people, something which can suck the energy out of most bands. Not the perfect way to start a gig.

But, as I said, Hedlund and the rest of his Viking crew are warriors, and as the drums are back in order, Unleashed fire away with “Lead Us Into War”.

Although the rececption is warm, the old school death metal audience is a trifle reserved, and it takes most of the set before an acutal pit opens in front of the Pandemonium stage. Undeservedly, I’d say, because Unleashed unfold a dozen or so hammer effective songs. The Swedes are amazing when they unfold their more groovy material. “The Longships Are Coming” and “Stand Your Ground” stand out as particularly cool.

Approved gig – only major disappointment being that the title track and über-hit from Midvinterblot shines with its absence! Oh, what a shame!


1. Blood of Lies
2. Lead Us Into War
3. Don’t Want To Be Born
4. Hammer Battalion
5. The Hunt For White Christ
6. Stand Your Ground
7. The Dark One
8. The Longships Are Coming
9. I Have Sworn Allegiance
10. Into Glory Ride
11. Death Metal Victory

Playing Time: 45 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Johnny Hedlund - vocals, bass
Anders Schultz – drums
Tomas Olsson – guitar
Fredrik Folkare – guitar

Thomas Nielsen
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