Tygers of Pan Tang

Nordic Noise 2019

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After a (too) long intro, TYGERS OF PAN TANG enters the stage at Amager Bio at approximately 8 PM.

I am immidiately thrown right back into my teenage years when they start to play the song “Only the Brave”, and I get goosebumps all over and a huge smile on my face!

For me it doesn’t get more old school than this! This is exactly the type of music I loved when I grew up during the 80s and 90s (oops, I guess I just reveiled my age) and I feel totally nostalgic!

This old school heavy metal sound is rarely heard these days around modern stages, and because this type of music is what made me explore the metal scene more, I just love this!

All five members of TYGERS OF PAN TANG are very skilled musicians, and they play really well together, but somehow the guitarists and singer are the ones stealing my focus from the other members.

Singer Jacopo Meille has a really strong and rock solid voice, and he is totally flirting with the audience and the cameras in front of the stage. He is a true entertainer and fun to watch and listen to.

I am SO impressed by both guitar players, Robb Weir and Micky Crystal, as they are really synching their riffs and melodic guitar solos with singer Jacopo’s singing.

The guitar solos are just as long as I need them to be (and I like them to be quite long) and In this oldschool type of heavy metal, the guitar riffs should be heavy and the solos melodic in my opinion, and both guitar players do a damned god job in satisfying what I am looking for.

It’s been a while since I saw some clean old school heavy metal live, and when they play the last song of their 60-minute set, I am dissapointed that they don’t play another hour, because this is a band I could look at and listen to for much longer than that.

If Tygers of Pan Tang comes back to Denmark on tour, I will be the one standing in the front row, banging my head and playing air guitar.

See you there?


Only the Brave
Love Don't Stay
Lonely at the Top
Take It
Keeping Me Alive
Glad Rags
Don't Stop By
Devil You Know
Suzie Smiled
Don't Touch Me There
Love Potion No. 9

Playing Time: 60 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Robb Weir - guitars
Iacopo Meille - vocals
Micky Crystal - guitars
Gav Gray - bass
Craig Ellis - drums & percussion

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