Resurrection Fest 2019 - Day 2


Orlando’s finest took to the main stage on Friday at Resurrection Fest in northern Spain just after 7 in the evening for a full hour-long set.

The group is together for twenty years this year and what better way to celebrate than hitting the road for a European Tour. Resurrection Fest is the last stop on a tour that’s lasted for around six weeks now, starting on June 7th at Rock im Ring in Nuremberg and ending at this show in Northern Spain.

The Grammy-nominated band are still touring off the embers of 2017’s well-received ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ which we’re going to hear plenty of tonight we hope. As a way of goading the crowd, frontman Matt Heafy lets everyone know that the previous show (in Lisbon) had the best crowd of the tour. Predictably booing ensues and Matt challenges the crowd “Well if you want to be the best you need to give us more!”

Challenge Accepted.

The performance was non-stop, no breathing room, no respite between the tracks. It was a metal blitzkrieg, shock and awe starting with the title track off 2017’s ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ and the excellent drum sound of Beyond Oblivion from the same record. They are lightspeed songs, easy to enjoy for metal fans of any creed.

Older songs Like Light to the Flies and Down from the Sky are sandwiched in with newer material like Sever the Hand off their most recent album. It’s a cracking setlist and one they’ve used most of this tour which is no bad thing because by the last show we get to listen to a perfectly polished sound!

They close out the set with Pull Harder on the Strings from ‘Ascendancy’ and In Waves from the record of the same name. This felt like a band wanting to give their everything to the last show of the tour and they really did make it a memorable one. Trivium set the bar high for Arch Enemy and Slipknot to follow them. They may not have had the theatrics or pyrotechnics but what they did have was a wall of pure rock fury.


The Sin and the Sentence
Beyond Oblivion
Like Light to the Flies
Sever the Hand
Until the World Goes Cold
Down From the Sky
The Heart From Your Hate
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
In Waves

Playing Time: 60 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu
Paolo Gregoletto
Alex Bent