Copenhell 2019 - Day 2

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To see TRIVIUM live has been something I have wanted to do for many years. I love hearing them on album, and I am very much looking forward to see what they can do with their music live.

TRIVIUM enter the Helviti stage at 14:00 CET on Friday, which is my first “must see” band of day 2 at Copenhell.

It is really cool to see that singer Matt Heafy instantly shows great energy and tries to get the crowd going, and he succeeds in waking up the (maybe a bit hungover) metalheads who have shown up to see TRIVIUM this early afternoon.

It doesn’t take long until the first moshpit appears when guitarist and singer Corey Beaulieu starts to scream and the band encourage the crowd to spin.

Even though I saw some great bands yesterday, I feel that TRIVIUM will probably be one of my highlists this year. The rough sound from the band and Coreys’ screams combined with Matts’ great voice has always been appealing to me, but that they could perform so well live was something I wasn’t prepared for. I am happily surprised!

The way TRIVIUM interact with the crowd is amazing to see and hear. Matt Heafy says with a smile that the best festival crowd they have seen this summer was at Download in the UK, and when he is met with boo’s from the crowd he says that the Copenhell crowd needs to prove they are better, and this is when I see something rarely seen; Four (almost five) moshpits appear in the crowd, and one even appears by the far right side of the stage where I am standing, and I catch myself smiling from ear to ear.

Matt also gets the thousands of people watching to get down on their knees, and getting them (us) to jump up at the same time and I feel I just need to film what’s going on, as it is totally amazing how the band has the crowd almost hypnotized and totally into their show. I LOVE THIS!

No matter what I will hear and see during this festival, watching TRIVIUM live is something I will never forget. The music, the energy, the crowd! I am a happy camper at this moment, and I hope that TRIVIUM agreee that the COPENHELL crowd ARE the best in Europe!

I know at least that I cannot wait to see TRIVIUM live again, and for our readers I can strongly recommend you catch them live if you get the chance. It’s an experience you will never forget.

In Waves – or Row, Row, Row your boat…


1. The Sin and the Sentence
2. Beyond Oblivion
3. Like Light to the Flies
4. Sever the Hand
5. Until the World Goes Cold
6. Down From the Sky
7. The Heart From Your Hate
8. Strife
9. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

10. Capsizing The Sea
11. In Waves

Playing Time: 60 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Matt Heafy - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Corey Beaulieu - Guitar, Vocals
Paolo Gregoletto - Bass, Vocals
Alex Bent, Drums

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