Copenhell 2019 - Day 1

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I will never forget when I was living in Oslo, Norway, in 2004-2005, and I had a neighbour who was obsessed with TOOL, and I really mean OBSESSED!
This guy was literally trying to get me to love this band as much as he did, and he tried to brainwash me every single day for almost six months. He actually even took the time to burn two CD’s with his favourite TOOL songs and banged on my door, begging me to give them a listen (I still have the CD’s).

He told me to just keep my mind open, sit down by myself in peace and quiet and just give them a chance, and simply LISTEN (this guy knew I was a music lover).
After about six months, I sat down with a beer, turned the lights down in my apartment, totally realxed and focused and thought to myself; Ok, if someone is this passionate about this band and their music, there has to be something to check out, so let’s see what’s so special about them.

I remember listening to the first few songs, thinking that this was not really my cup of tea, but the stubborn side of me thought that I know that sometimes you need to listen to more than a few songs to actually get the message a band is trying to bring out, so I kept listening and the band started to grow on me.

TOOL playing live at Copenhell 2019 is a huge thing for many people. TOOL is one of the most wanted bands for Copenhell and that they are playing the Copenhell 10th anniversary is something I wouldn’t want to miss.

I can feel the anticipation from the crowd a few minutes before the band enter the stage.

The band finally enter the stage at 22:30 CET, and I feel I am standing too close to the stage, so I need to take a few steps back to be able to see the entire stage and the amazing light show going on. And the stage is totally lit up, so it is difficult to see the band on stage, but OH do I hear them! They start up playing Ænema and they do it close to perfection! These musicians are SO talented and they provide that mood that is typical for this band. A little bit dark, melancholic and emotional.

Although singer Maynard James Keenan is the front man of the band, he seems to be distant from the crowd. And of course this could be something they want to do as a band to keep focus on their music, but after seeing other bands today with front men and women giving it their all, trying to connect with the audience, it’s a bit of a “downer” that Keenan is literally staying at the back of the stage.

But his voice and way of singing is close to perfect.

I just wish there was more of a connection between TOOL and the audience, more than “just” the music they are playing, and that makes me think that I would love to see them live in a full concert, with only them as a headliner instead of watching them live for the first time at a festival.

There is absolutely nothing bad to say about the musical talent of these four guys. They are really good at what they do, and their light show is amazing and totally in sync with the songs. I just wish there would have been more interaction and talk between songs.

But for me this is a good, calming end of my first day at Copenhell.


The Pot
Forty Six & 2

Playing Time: 90 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Danny Carey
Justin Chancellor
Adam Jones
Maynard James Keenan

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