Heavy Agger 2017

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Other than being the son of Michael Sonne, whom we’ve just seen and heard when Wasted played, Nicklas Sonne has become a bit of a phenomenon in the Danish metal scene. The talented singer currently utilises his pipes in both Defecto, Malrun, Evil Masquerade and Theory, all of them up and coming bands. He even helped out as a guitarist in his dad’s band some time ago.

Last year, Nicklas visited Agger with Defecto (a gig that was only memorable because basically everything went wrong), but this year, it is with Theory that he’s going to adorn Heavy Agger with his voice.

Where one could expect that the same singer would make two bands sound a lot alike, this is really not the case when you compare Defecto and Theory. My conclusion during this gig is that I have a clear preference for Theory over Sonne’s other bands. Their ‘math metal’, as Nicklas calls it, to me comes across as being more brutal on the whole, and yet incredibly catchy at times. This is a well-executed gig and the songs are great. In particular the last tune, ‘In Silence We Ride’, is a true earworm.

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Nicklas Sonne – one of the biggest vocal talents in Danish metal


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