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The Interbeing + Support: Cold Night for Alligators

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Watching THE INTERBEING live is always a blast, and when they open their show with “Spiral Into Existence”, it feels like I am being punched in the face! The crowd is going completely wild, headbanging and jumping around so hard that I actually physically feel the floor rocking and I am afraid that the floors will give in and we will all fall through the floor below.


At this smaller venue, singer Dara Toibin puts on an even better show than in a bigger one, because he can really interact with that in-your-face attitude that he is well known for and that the crowd loves.

The band keeps on giving us great energy and Toibin announces they have a new band member; guitarist and singer Andreas Bjerno. And trust me, he is doing a great job both on the guitar and also singing the melodic choruses of THE INTERBEING songs that I just love! He and Dara are a really great match in terms of their vocals.

When I hear the first notes of the band’s new single, “The Depressor”, I feel like there is not much space in front of the stage. It is very crowded and people keep headbanging and going totally insane. But still people are giving one another space to do their thng.




After a while, Dara asks the crowd to make a path in the front of the stage and we all know what is coming, and I think to myself “Oh, no, not a wall of death in this small venue, this can not end well, someone is going to get hurt”.

But, amazingly enough, it works without injuries!

I have to give a big thank you to the crowd attending this concert and the metal scene here in Copenhagen.

Even though it looks quite violent, everyone is having respect for each other and towards the ones not being part of the mosh pit. If moshers bump into someone else by mistake (including myself) they say “I am sorry” with a huge smile. As far as I can see, nobody gets hurt, and at least I can see no blood anywhere, so KUDOS to everyone!

Gotta love the big hearts of the metal community! We all love and respect each other.














I am sad to see, though, that the stage is a bit too small for a band like THE INTERBEING. All of the band members are really giving it their all, and almost battling to get the space they need to perform.

Dara actually also steps out into the crowd at one point while singing, perhaps because he feels an urge to do so for lack of space because of his eager band mates – or perhaps simply because he thinks it’s a blast.

When watching THE INTERBEING live it is sometimes difficult to keep focus on their music as they are so intensive live.

But I really need to point out what talented musicians they are. ALL five of them.














They are playing their hearts out and doing one hell of a job doing it. The guitars are perfect, the bass and drums are rock solid. Vocals and melodies are both raw and catchy. And the progressive elements knock my socks off!

If I should be perfectly honest I think the only thing THE INTERBEING is missing is a live keyboardist so they can have even more power in their live performance and feeling to their melodies instead of “only” having a back track.

In my opinion you get the whole package when attending a THE INTERBEING show, and for those of you readers who haven’t seen them live yet, DO SO! You will not want to miss it!


Spiral Into Existence
Deceptive Signal
Signs of the Mechanical
Purge the Deviant
Shadow Drift
Pinnacle of the Strain
Rhesus Artificial
Fields of Grey
Sum of Singularity
Pulse within the Paradox
Among the Amorphous

Playing Time: 70 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Jacob Hansen - Bass
Kristoffer Egefelt - Drums
Boas Segel - Guitar
Dara Corcoran - Vocals
Nyt medlem: Andreas Bjerno - Guitar / Vocals

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