Copenhell 2019 - Day 2

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As a huge lover of all types of progressive music I feel ashamed that I have actually totally missed the band TESSERACT (sorry my fellow prog people).
But as TESSERACT is the only pure progressive band playing Copenhell 2019 (although some might disagree) I of course have to see and hear them.

And as soon as the Brits enter the Hades stage at 15:15, I am SO happy that they are here.

Even though there are some sound issues in the beginning of the show, singer Daniel Tompkins has great energy, running down to the photopit, getting right in face of the audience, trying to get the crowd going.

And wow, what a singer! This is the first time (so far) during Copenhell 2019 that I actually am getting goosebumps all over! He has a beautiful, perfectly pitched voice that goes SO well with the progressive music played by the extremely talented band. And the singer has a feeling to his singing that is totally amazing and contagious.

Unfortunately the crowd is a bit small, and it makes me sad that there aren’t that many prog heads present. But the ones that have made it to see this band are truly enjoying themselves. A typical prog crowd that is not maybe headbanging so much but listening in awe to these talented five Brits, stomping their feet instead of headbanging.


Tompkins thanks the audience for sticking around and makes a joke saying that they are not really good musicians, and actually do not know what they are doing. Oh, my godness, that’s a HUGE joke, because this band is so talented, and we are the ones who should be thanking them, not the other way around.

I can see that there are some more people coming around to join us to watch this band halfway through the show, and I love the fact that prog metal is still interesting to some people, even at a festival like COPENHELL. And that the band play not only progressive rock, but have many metal elements also, makes it even more interesting.

The whole band are really getting warmed up the last half hour of their show, and singer Daniel is spinning and jumping around like crazy, and his body language and energy is just as contagious as his voice. I can tell when I look around me that I am not the only one getting caught up by this band’s performance.

It has been a while since I saw such a tight and talented progressive band live, and once again I cannot believe that I have never heard of them before, but TRUST ME, I am going home after this festival and will find out everything I can about them, and purchase everything that they have released until now, because TESSERACT have certainly found a new fan in yours truly.



Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance
Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception
Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible
Of Mind - Nocturne

Playing Time: 60 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Acle Kahney - Guitar
James Monteith - Guitar
Jay Postones - Drums
Daniel Tompkins - Vocals
Amos Williams - Bass

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