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Symphony X - European Tour 2019



The sounds of the intro from the Underworld album start at 9.15 AM, and I am fairly sure that the first song will be from the Underworld album, but, oh, am I surprised when I hear the intro from Iconlast taking over.

Ok, these guys are really starting out strong! I mean… WOW! It’s an explosion from the beginning and this just shows that they are back, and back with a clear statement that they are here to stay.

Singer Russel Allen is so strong with his vocals and the whole band is singing along to the chorus, and so are the entire audience.

And when the second song comes along, “Evolution (The Grand Design)”, I start to realize that this will become a really sweaty night! For both the band and the crowd. I love what they are doing now! That they actually play the older songs, and I just hope that they can keep this energy up during the rest of the night.

During “Serpent’s Kiss”, guitarist Michael Romeo shines with his perfect playing and I am getting goosebumps all over! To hear how perfectly tight SYMPHONY X is is mindblowing! The funny thing, though, is that Russel introduces the whole band by their names, but forgets to introduce himself… Well, I guess he thinks that we all know his name already.

The band launch into “Nevermore”, I think I have died and gone to heaven when I hear the perfection of all of the musicians. The timing of these guys is just perfect, they are so much on beat, and I can see how they communicate by eye contact and I think to myself “Can it get any better than this?” This is like having musicasm (sorry to offend).

The lights go down a bit, and singer Russel Allen starts to talk. And he tells us what a difficult time he has had after the horrible accident he was involved in, and that he thinks about it every day.

The crowd goes completely silent when he tells his story and I can feel my eyes starting to tear up, because I can not imagine the horror he has been through, and that he has the strenght to be back on stage and actually talk about it, makes my heart bleed. GOD BLESS!

“Without You” is aired, and the entire audience sings along, and cellphones and actual lighters come alive (just like in the old days, huh?) I hope that Russel Allen can feel the love and empathy from the crowd, because I certainly do.

Russel Allen’s voice is perfection! He has that bleeding, scratching sound in his voice that touches me to my core.

I feel like I just want to jump up on stage and give him a big hug.

Oh, my godness, Symphony X play the first notes of “Domination” and I just HAVE to grab my mobile phone and start sending live, because I want all of my friends who aren’t attending the show to actually see this!

Bass player Mike Lepond is just amazing with his instrument. I do not understand where that energy comes from, but he is really showing the crowd what he is made of.

Lepond and drummer Jason Rullo are the rock solid pair that makes it look and sound so easy it’s scary, because what they play together is not anything you can learn over night, and it makes you wonder how many hours, days, weeks, years they have been practising to be so in sync with each other.

Next up is “Run with the Devil”. The best parts of this song in my opinion are when the bass, keyboard and guitar are totally in sync. And I was used to hearing the same with Dream Theater back in the day, but SYMPHONY X takes it to another level (yes, seriously) because this song has that edge I love, and the riffs that keep you caught up in the song all the way from beginning to end. What I see these guys do on this stage can only be explained by one word; SICK!

I have a hard time understanding that this is actually live, and that they truly ARE this good… Goosebumps… Again.

I don’t know how much more I can take now. I feel totally overwhelmed and just full of so much happiness and joy, to be able to watch, listen to and experience this. SO much talent amongst five different individuals on one stage. I feel so overwhelmed that I actually need to take a few steps back to get myself together and take a deep breath.

Well, that break didn’t last long… I hear Mike Lepond play the first bass notes of “Sea of Lies”, and I am totally back in the SYMPHONY X world again. And when I say back in their world, that is exactly what I feel. They have a way to somehow create a world inside our world. I hate to compare bands, but this was the way DT made their audience feel during the beginning of their career, but there is a new band in town, and they are taking over!

I have to also say that the way singer Russel Allen is talking and joking around with the audience and fellow band members between songs is refreshing. He has a great sense of humor! A true entertainer who belongs on a stage (if he actually wasn’t born on one)!

The keyboards and drums are starting to play, and I know it’s “fly time” or as Russel says, it is time for fire. The crowd is going wild singing along to “Set the World on Fire”.

I think the whole Copenhagen area (or at least the island of Amager) are hearing “Fly with me forever hiiiigh”, because I can surely hear every single person in the audience singing along to the chorus. And if they can’t hear the crowd singing, they can probably hear the double bass drums played by Jason Rullo.

Amazing… Just AMAZING what these guys do.

Russel says “You’ve been a great audience, thank you Copenhagen”, and I look at our photographer, and down at my watch and say “No way, they’ve only been playing for an hour, that can’t be right”.

But I see that Mike Lepond puts his bass down by the stage, and I know that they will come back.

Russel comes back on stage after a short while, and asks if we are ready for one last song. We should get ready for 25 minutes of it!

I can not believe they will play “The Odyssey” in its entirety live.

This will be pure ecstasy, and when I hear Michael Pinnella playing the beginning on keyboard, my jaw drops to the floor.

A band that hasn’t been playing live together for a long time should not be able to do this.

The Odyssey” has so many elements, and it is so technical, that not many musicians should be able to play it other than in a studio with breaks and takes. (I personally only know of one other existing band capable of it, but let’s not mention them.) But they are doing it live and it sounds amazing!

I look around me, and it’s not only my jaw that is dropping to the floor. I see so many smiling faces in the crowd, and it seems I am not the only one who is stunned by the fact that it sounds so good.

I do not have to be biased here, because I can promise those of you readers that weren’t attending this concert, that the entire audience had the same feeling. SYMPHONY X is an amazing band.

The musicians are out of this world. All five of them are so talented it is SICKENING (in a good way)

Next time you see a poster near you announcing that SYMPHONY X is coming to a city near you, hurry up and get your tickets. They are sold out fast!


Evolution (The Grand Design)
Serpent's Kiss
Without You
Run With the Devil
Sea of Lies
Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
The Odyssey

Playing Time: 90 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Michael Romeo - guitar
Russell Allen - vocals
Michael Pinnella - keyboards
Michael LePond - bass guitar
Jason Rullo - drums

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