South Haven

Siamese "Super Human" release party

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We have a view of the band before they come on stage, and it seems like the two female singers are very nervous.

The band enters the stage and they actually make ME feel nervous because they bring an energy of being almost scared on to the stage.

Well of course… even if this is a small stage and venue, it is sold out, but if you don’t feel comfortable being on a stage it could probably feel a bit intimidating, and this doesn’t seem comfortable at all.

The Music SOUTH HAVEN play seems not to be so much metal, but more like some kind of R’n’B rock (a genre our photographer invented listening to this band). [Mener du R’n’B metal?]

I am fairly impressed when I hear the two female vocalist sing their harmonies in the first song, and I think to myself that isn’t actually that bad. These young girls can sing pretty well.

I feel, though, that they do not seem to have found their place in the metal scene. As I listen to the bass and guitar, it sounds like basic heavy metal, but when the girls start to sing, there is a lot of “wailing” and my mind goes to pop/RnB. I don’t really understand what this band is doing on this stage, knowing what Siamese is all about.

The second song begins, and again I think it isn’t bad… but, still, I do not understand what type of music they play, because (once again) the bass, guitar and drums seem to play metal, but the two vocalists are singing some type of pop. It doesn’t make sense, really.

I start shaking my head in a negative way. This band doesn’t seem to be in sync at all. The band plays one type of music, and the singers are not following. I, for one, love hearing female fronted metal bands, but this is not one of them. I am sorry to say.

Now we get the information from the singers on stage that this is their first time ever playing live, and all of a sudden I feel bad for judging them so fast. Of COURSE it is difficult if this is their first live show! Of course they are scared and intimitated. My heart goes out to them!

I really want to give these guys a break, and I can see the bass player is really trying to catch the audience, and so does the guitarist, but somehow it is not enough.

The two girls singing are starting to sound out of tune, and I am actually getting chills, and not in a good way.

I don’t understand what is going on on the stage right now, and I feel bad for the rest of the band, because they are not that bad, but the two vocalists are not living up to the performance of the rest of the band.

The last song makes the drummer come alive, and I think, HEY, here we go! But still I can hear the vocalists being out of tune and that makes me wish this band could be finished now, and thankfully they are, after 25 minutes.

This was not a good experience, but as I know this band is new to the scene , I hope that they can try to find themselves, and find out what they want to do musically, because some of them have potential.

All in all, I wish them all the best in the future, but they really need to start to talk amongst themselves and figure out which way they want to go with their music.


Sweet Suffering
Soldier's heart
Winter in June
Dancing in Nightmares

Playing Time: 25 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Angel Jemegbe
Christine Nielsen
Marc Skafte
Mathias Frederiksen
Sebastian Stendal
Stefan Elbæk

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