Symphony X - European Tour 2019

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SAVAGE MESSIAH from the UK are the special guests in support of Symphony X on their European tour, and in my opinion, it takes a lot from a band to live up to being the support band for such a great band as Symphony X.
That is why I am hoping for them to put on a great show and get the crowd going.

SAVAGE MESSIAH enters the stage at 8 PM, and because I have only heard of them, but never seen them live I am surprised that they play music so far from the prog metal of the main act.

But openminded as I am, I don’t judge and always give every band a chance, but I immediately hear that there seems to be something wrong.
The drums are way too loud on the opening song, and the guitar seems to be totally out of tune. The problem is that now I ONLY hear the problems with the guitar sound, and it annoys me as it’s taking my focus away from listening to their music.

The vocalist also comments on the problem after a while and says that it would be easier to play rock music if the guitar was in tune. That made me feel quite bad for the band, as they were obviously struggling up there.

The sound is starting to get better so I can start focusing on their music and I really don’t know what to say…

They are not bad, but the music confuses me.
One song sounds like heavy metal, another like rock, and then there are some prog elements all of a sudden, and sometimes different genres are actually played in the same song, but not in a prog kind of way. It’s a little weird, actually.

But by the end of the SAVAGE MESSIAH show, something happens. The band seems to come alive, and I really like what I hear when they start to play their eighth song, “The Fateful Dark”.

Now, THIS sounds really good! And by the looks of it, the crowd agrees because when the guitarist puts on a solo everyone goes crazy, screaming, whistling and throwing their hands up in the air.

For me personally, I just feel it was a little bit late for the band to start to shine and really “catch me” with only two songs left, but, again, there could have been something interesting at the beginning of their show that I missed out on due to the sound issues.

Or maybe SAVAGE MESSIAH only had a bad day at the office?


Virtue Signal
Heretic in the modern world
The Bitter Truth
The lights are going out
Under no illusions
What dreams may come
The fateful dark
Down and out

Playing Time: 45 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Dave Silver – lead vocals
David Hruska – guitars, backing vocals
Charly Carretón – drums, percussion
Míra Sláma – bass

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