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The crowd is starting to show up, and as always when the first band of three is entering the stage, the audience is a bit hesitant, trying to get into the mood and are keeping a bit of a distance to the stage when REGARDING AMBIGUITY starts performing.

The very odd thing here is that the band starts playing and they sound pretty good, but the singer all of a sudden picks up his mobile phone from his pocket and seems more interested in that than in giving the audience the warmup they are looking for.

I look around and I see a lot of confused people… as am I.

But I think to myself that maybe he has forgotten the lyrics or the setlist, and give him the benefit of the doubt.
Regarding Ambiguity has just released their first EP called Flayed, and the band play the songs from the EP. I have to admit I feel a bit confused as I don’t know what their genre actually is.

On their official facebook page they are referring themselves as a Post-Hardcore/Screamo band from Copenhagen, Denmark. And I guess I am getting pretty old as I have no idea what “screamo” is.

I have to keep in mind, though, that this is a fairly young band that probably are trying to find themselves musically, but my thoughts go to punk, speed and black when listening to them live, and now you probably understand my confusion.

This is a band that plays a BIG mix of genres and I just hope that they can find some way to keep going and work on getting their live show and vision figured out and to not accept that their singer sits down on stage watching his mobile phone in the middle of a performance for two minutes, and actually try to connect with the crowd instead.

In my opinion, the band deserves a committed front man who is dedicated, and sadly that is not what I experience.

With that said, I think the rest of the band does a great job, and I actually feel sorry for them, having to deal with a singer who seems to want to be anywhere but here tonight.

Live Line-Up:

Jakob Høy
Mathias Andersen
Mikkel Jensen
Phillip Friis Petersen

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