Heavy Agger 2017


Although the power metal of Scarblade was fine, it is a kind of relief for me when Prevail take to stage. Those of you who read this site regularly will know that groovy death metal in the vein of Illdisposed is something that I’m a sucker for. Prevail are not a far cry from their country men stylistically. The band around former Svartsot grunt machine Claus Gnudtzmann only have one mini album behind them so far, and they (surprise!) play all of the material from that release.

Heavy Agger comes to life in a totally different way at this point in time. This is clearly something that is appreciated by a good portion of the audience tonight, yours truly included.

Yeah, sure, there are bits and bobs that need a bit of adjustment, it’s not flawless, but the groove is solid and firmly enjoyable to dance to.

And why not end the gig with a song that hasn’t been played before? As in; hasn’t been rehearsed properly with vocals? Why not indeed! Claus has the lyric sheet on the floor in front of him and Prevail churn out another groover as a foreboding of the next album, which I can imagine will gain some attention if they continue in this vein.

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