Odd Palace

Siamese "Super Human" release party

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The second band, ODD PALACE, are supposed to enter the stage at 20:35 CET, but there are some delays, so they enter the stage at 20:45.

I was told before this performance from people that have seen them live before, that I would get surprised about their energy on stage , and when the band starts to play, the band prove my friends to be right.

This is a small stage , but the band members (of course not the drummer) jump around like maniacs on the stage straight away.
The singer is playing some sort of a small trumpet (don’t know what it is called, sorry). But that makes their music unique. I really enjoy this! They have some kind og grindcore/ metal/ progressive sound to them that is really interesting to me.

There are some backtrack sounds playing, but it doesn’t really bother me that much, as it seems to be part of their sound, and it doesn’t sound out of place.

ODD PALACE has a cool sound. There is a shift in the mood as they have some more calming sounds, and then they all of a sudden smash it with heavy guitars, bass and drums that make the crowd headbang and go just as crazy as the band do on stage.

I get some sort of association to Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam looking at the singer, as he seems to be SO into the music and lyrics that he sometimes looks psychotic (in a good way). He is shaking like a leaf and going nuts on stage, like he has some kind of a seasure (those that know Pearl Jam and Eddie know what I mean).

This band has an energy and aggressive way to perform at a level I have not seen on such a small stage in a long time.

I feel like this is their statement and what they want to be known for, but what I am mostly impressed with is that they are really good musicians, and still play such a tight set, even though they are jumping so much around that they actually almost lose their pants (yes, literally). They have total control of where the other band members are, and even though I think they will stomp on eath other and the cables on stage, they don’t. They are what I would call total rebels with control. It’s really fun to watch.

Once again I am surprised that I haven’t heard of this band before, but as I am pretty new to the local Danish Metal scene (which I love, though) I am amazed by the talent that exists in this small country.

When the last song (delirious) comes along, I hear another tone in the singer’s voice, and it actually sounds a bit jazzy in the beginning. But at the end, the band members are actually going totally insane…wrestling with each other, kicking, screaming, lying on stage playing, and simply just having fun by the looks of it.

My thoughts of ODD PALACE is that they are really good musicians, and fun to watch.

But if they could tone down the craziness juuuuust a little bit so people could really listen to how talented they are, instead of focusing on the visual, they would be an even better live act. But no doubt that they are a really entertaining band both visually and soundwise.


Chemical Solution
Liar's attire
Inevitable (The simple truth)
The Unknown
Poem (outro)

Playing Time: 30 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Gert Børsting
Lasse Grube
Søren Lærkholm
Patrick Wolffgang
Morten Peetz

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