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Manticora EU tour 2019, w. Loch Vostok and Hexed

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I have seen Swedish extreme prog metal band LOCH VOSTOK a couple of times before, and therefore I know I’m in for a treat.

When the band starts to play their first song, Babylonian Groove, the “extreme” part of LOCH VOSTOK is very much heard. All I can hear is drums, drums and more drums. For me it is a bit too much, but when I look around, the crowd seem to like what they hear. Heads start to bang!

I have always had difficulties putting a specific subgenre label on LOCH VOSTOK as many of their songs are very different in sound and genre, and that is what makes them so special.


The one thing I can clearly state is that lead singer and guitarist, Teddy Möller, is a character one must experience live at least once in a lifetime. Don’t let his appearance fool you! With his build, posture and big beard he has that certain brutal “Metal look,” but when he opens his mouth and starts to sing, he proves he has a true gift in his voice.


Their sound is brutal, yet very technical, with great guitar riffs and solos – I really love what they do.

LOCH VOSTOK gets the crowd totally going when the whole band start to bang their fists in the air to the beat of drums, getting the audience to repeat their ‘uh uh’ shouts, and when Teddy decides to come off the stage and walk down into the audience playing his guitar, he shows what a showman he truly is. Not many musicians do this and for me it just shows that he wants to connect with the audience in a different way, and personally I think it’s amazing! Other bands and musicians should follow his example. Respect!

Towards the end of their show, Teddy announces he wants to bring out a guest for their next song, Rebound, and imagine my surprise when HEXED singer Tina Gunnarsson enters the stage to perform with them, and also lets us know Tina is Teddy’s sister.

LOCH VOSTOK end their show with a big BANG and when Teddy and Tina sing, banging their heads in sync together like only metal siblings can do, I am already looking forward to attend the next LOCH VOSTOK live show. I suggest you all do the same! You will not regret it!


Guitarist and lead singer Teddy Möller comments on their show at Kometen, Hvidovre:

“The perfect ending on a great tour that started and ended in Loch Vostoks second home, Denmark. Perseverence goes a long way. See ya soon”


Babylonian Groove
Like Poison to the Stars
Sacred Structure
Twilight of the Dogs
Energy Taboo
Mission Undivine

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Live Line-Up:

Teddy Möller - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Niklas Kupper - Guitar and Vocals
Patrik Janson - Bass
Lawrence Dinamarca - Drums
Fredrik Klingwall - Keyboards

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