Riverside with support Lesoir


I have to admit I have never heard of LESOIR before today, and I approach this with an open mind and without too many expectations.

When the band starts to play I am really in chock! Where have I been? Why have I never heard this before? How much have I missed? Have I been living under a rock? Have they?

The band consist of five members, and the two women in the band seem to be multitalented, playing five instruments between them and they both sing as well.

Vocalist Maartje has a very characteristic voice with a distinct vibrato and I catch myself getting goose bumps several times due to her beautiful voice along with the harmonies together with other singer, Eleën.

I am so impressed by what I hear and see, and the musicality of the quintet is mindblowing.

They create a magical feeling with their songs together with the lighting, which makes it a thrill for both ears and eyes.

When singer Maartje all of a sudden starts to play the flute, I am sold! I have played the flute myself when I was younger and therefore this instrument has a special place in my heart. The flute fits their music like hand in glove and makes the experience feel even more magical and “dreamy” than before.

Their music really touches me, and I can strongly recommend this band to everyone that likes to listen to bands like Porcupine tree, Anathema and Pain of Salvation.

I know that I will check this band out some more, and MAYBE, just maybe I will dust off my flute and start to play again. They have inspired me.


Feet On The Ground
Gone And Forgotten
In The Game
Luctor Et Emergo
Going Home
Eden's Garden
Faith Is

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Maartje Meessen - vocals, flute, piano
Ingo Dassen - guitar
Eleën Bartholomeus - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Ruben Heijnsbroek - bass
Bob van Heumen - drums

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