Joyous Wolf

Warpaint Tour


Irrevocable Memories a decade later at the PUB…

Walking into the Pub Station for the first time in over a decade was a risk I was willing to take,  especially knowing that I was about to hang with the boys from Buckcherry, but I was not prepared for Joyous Wolf….at all!

To say the charisma of Nick Reese, lead singer for Joyous Wolf is instantaneously gravitational towards a higher plane is an understatement.  Mix Captain Charisma, Nick Reese with the slaughterhouse axing of Blake Allard on guitar, sludge tones of Greg Braccio’s base and the tub thumping beats of Robert Sodaro’s cloned John Bonham drum set and you get JOYOUS F’N WOLF in the 406!

Hailing from Southern California, vocalist Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro are beginning to rise faster than most and have just announced a supporting roll with Foghat and DEEP PURPLE!!!   Not to mention a solid rise on Sirius XM’s rotations and being featured on @IAMJerhicho’s hour show on SXMOctane!


With an amazing visual show, killer tunes that caught my ears quickly in  of course this guy did what he always does:

  1. Buy an album.
  2. Get it autographed
  3. Meet the Band
  4. Listen to the album incessantly for a month to absorb and relive that same LIVE experience as often as I can.

The recorded music, body of work, LIVE show and meeting Nick, (Mr. out on his phone), Greg and Robert was a true pleasure.  Taking time out of their busy schedule to listen to the cause of Mental Health Awareness and Suicide in the state of Montana was huge.  Joyous Wolf is breaking out in 2019 and they are breaking out hard.  Below you can see just a few pics of the amazing night compliments of Brendan Dekievet of Montana Music Media as well as my night witnessing Joyous Wolf, not just for the first time EVER, but for the first time EVER LIVE!!!

…but to the juice right!

Guitarist Blake Allard

If you are the type of person who arrives and are expecting a typical, “warm up band”, you’re ears are going to sing with JOY as JOYOUS WOLF is not in that category.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!

As I stepped into the Pub Station for the first time in almost ten years the sounds, the smells and the electrifying atmosphere was palpable as Blake was wailing on the axe, Nick was contorting on the stage, Greg was grooving with the crowd while Robert smiled from ear to ear beating the shit out of the kit!  It was game time!!!

Greg Braccio – Bass

Missing the first two songs of the set in “Undesired” and “Place in Time” was a well played delay by the universe, but walking into a LIVE rendition of, “Holy Diver“, not to be confused by Dio’s “Holy Driver” was an instant ‘hook’ for me!  You know that feeling right?  When you hear that lick, or that voice or that tone or that beat that clicks in your soul.  That is Joyous Wolf, and when they set that hook, they reeled me in with my favorite song off their PLACE IN TIME album in “Had Enough“.

Expect Nick Reese channeling a young Chris Robinson as the soul, southern influence and american metal mix will instantly grab you as it should. – /raVen/

Robert tub thumpin’

Sitting at the #1 spot on the album, Joyous Wolf takes no time in busting into your ears with the necessary drops, splits and silences in the first fifteen seconds of “Had Enough” that you just cant stop listening.  These young men are on an amazing ride and look forward to a POWER OF METAL Exclusive Interview in the coming weeks with front man Nick Reese as we talk everything on the WARPAINT TOUR and how that experience has prepared him and the rest of the band.


YOU know the deal!  TAG POWER OF METAL on Twitter with any pics of the boys from Joyous WOLF and be entered to win an authographed set list signed by all 4 members of the band!

TAG: Power of Metal, Joyous Wolf, and /raVen/ for the Autographed SETLIST!


Hurry up and see them now as they will be headlining tours in the years to come.  Thanks for owning guys each and every square inch of that stage guys!  Period.



Place in Time
Holy Driver
Had Enough
Said Too Much
Slow Hand
The Mechanic
Mother Rebel
Quiet Heart

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Nick Reese - Vocalist
Blake Allard - Guitar
Greg Braccio - Bass
Robert Sodaro - Drums

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