Heavy Agger 2017


Danish rising thrash stars Impalers seem to be an ambitious lot. You know, you can sense when a band want to go somewhere with their music. Like Scarblade yesterday.

With two decent albums out, “Power Behind the Throne” (2013) and “God from the Machine” (2015) as well as a couple of EP’s, the thrashers are slowly but surely establishing themselves. And they are hungry for more. The band is like an outburst of thrash metal passion and energy, and that in itself is a pleasure to behold.

As I’ve mentioned, Impalers also have decent songs to present, so that’s all good. There is a slight ‘but’ hidden in this praise; Possibly in the haze of giving it his everything, guitarist Thomas Carnell has a real problem getting things right. I stand on the right hand side of stage during the majority of the concert and get Carnell’s output straight in the face. He’s untight and quite simply misses notes. When Impalers do a cover of Maiden’s ‘Prowler’ (which by all means in an admirably thing to do), the guitarist has to start on one of the solo parts.

This is a band who have the potential for the bigger stages and could be one of this country’s next thrash metal exports, but, guys, everyone has to work together as a machine in order to make the grade. Practice, practice, practice, etc…

Extra points for covering ‘(Empty) Tankard’ to celebrate Allan’s birthday!

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Tons of energy – less precision

Thomas Nielsen
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