Manticora EU tour 2019, w. Loch Vostok and Hexed

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This is going to be my first time seeing HEXED live and as I really enjoy listening to bands with strong female fronted vocalists I am very much looking forward to it.

I do have one concern, though. It is difficult to be original in this genre, as it’s not easy not to be considered a clone of other bands playing the same type of music. Many of these bands tend to sound alike.

When the band members enter the stage, it’s sad to see that the venue is almost half empty, and the band is struggling to get the crowd going.



Being the first act of three cannot be an easy task, but the band is really putting on a show, like there was a fully packed house, and they are not holding back.



Singer Tina Gunnarsson has a really beautiful, strong and powerful voice and she is using it to her fullest. Her body language, gestures and performance on stage is very powerful. She has that kind of aura that reaches out from beyond the stage and onto the audience.

Yes, I do think of bands like Amaranthe and older Within Temptation when hearing Hexed, but still there is something unique about their performance.
Tina Gunnarsson’s voice is pitch perfect and together with the screams/growls from guitarist Stellan Gunnarsson, they make the sound more metal than the typical Symphonic Metal sound. It feels more “raw”.

After a few songs, I can see the crowd responding to their performance, and I am enjoying myself. The band is tight, the performance is rock solid and you can see that the band is having a good time.

I am impressed, and by the looks of it, this band is performing as if they were in a huge arena instead of a small venue. I can imagine this band headlining their own European tour in the future, maybe with a support act called Amaranthe, who knows?


Remake my soul

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Live Line-Up:

Tina Gunnarsson - Vocals
Daniel Håkansson - Bass
Stellan Gunnarsson - Guitar
Jay Matharu - Guitar
Simon Aspsund - Drums

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