Copenhell 2019 - Day 2


It’s getting late. SLIPKNOT have just shattered the grounds of Copenhell so thoroughly that you’d think you wouldn’t survive to see tomorrow.

There are two more names on the bill. Blackened death metallers BELPHEGOR and HEILUNG. The former I’ve seen before and don’t need to see again. The latter, on the other hand, I’ve only heard about and seen pictures of. It looks intriguing.

What happens here is like magic. I have no idea what the songs are called or if they are actually songs. What looks like Iron Age shamans beat skins, bones and other odd instruments and chant, hum and shout. This is truly fascinating, mesmerizing and beautiful. And dark.

I can’t really say more about it, other than this is a very special way of concluding the second evening of Copenhell 2019. I’ll let you enjoy Tommy’s pictures and the two video sequences I have to illustrate the seance.


No clue what the songs are called. Or chants, or whatever they are.

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