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My buddy Jørgen went to Hamburg yesterday to see Them. And after one hour of sleep and a full day at work, he’s now standing here, next to me, waiting to see Troy Norr (Coldsteel) in his role as Klaus König, one of the central characters of his tales of Sweet Hollow.

No one (other than Jørgen) really knows what to expect from this show, but some drama is to be expected as a mini coffin is placed on an altar in front of the stage. There are crosses and skeletons on stage as well, and some character with a deformed face and a top hat is walking around the area outside and inside the venue.

Now, those who have figured out that the band name Them is inspired by King Diamond are of course right. The idea for the band came out of Norr’s King Diamond tribute band, and it simply developed into a being of its own, with its own concept story. The tour is based on that story, and totally in the spirit of the King himself, this is not just a tour merely with musicians. No less than three actors are part of the entourage to help make the story of Mary in Sweet Hollow come to life.

Just like King Diamond, music like this will always be an acquired taste. High-pitched vocals are not everyone’s cup of tea, but in this case, I, for one, dig it.

The music accompanying the story is no less than fabulous, perfectly and professionally executed by guitarists Ulle (Lanfear, Septagon)) and Justin Zych (Viking, Valhalla, etc.), as well as bassist Alex Palma (Septagon), keyboardist Richie Seibel (Lanfear) and stand-in drummer Angel Cotte (Demolition Hammer). Troy does the King Diamond clone vocals in style, whilst playing his part as König in the play (or is it musical?).

This is full scale entertainment with baby dolls, fake blood, the works. And the music, well, it’s just brilliant.

All pictures ©Aga Zu (except were stated otherwise). Used with kind permission.

Klaus, the mad priest, the mother and the possessed girl on the altar…all the ingredients you’d expect on a normal Friday evening.
Come along, my dear, come along…

A fair maiden from the audience decides that she fits the altar perfectly. We tend to agree. She decides to move when the real Mary wants to take her place there, though…
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