Copenhell 2019 - Day 1



HALESTORM was playing live in Copenhagen a while ago, and I wasn’t able to attend the concert, so I was really happy to hear that they were going to be a part of the Copenhell 2019 lineup.

Lzzy Hale and the band enter the Hades stage at 21:00, Thursday evening.

The sun is starting to set, but it’s still really warm, and HALESTORM are really heating it up, starting off strong and with great energy. And let’s face the fact, Lzzy Hale is HOT (and yes I noticed she has cut her hair short)!

The charismatic singer is wearing insanely high stilettos, has her guitar strapped on, and has that body language that tells us that she is truly loving being the centre of attention on that stage. She is a true front woman!

I have to tell you guys/fellow readers that I am a huge lover of strong female rock vocals, and when I discovered Lzzy Hale about three years ago, I fell in love with her raspy, strong and passionate voice. And I am SO happy she delivers 100% on stage, both the visual rock act and the amazing voice she is born with. Her voice is close to perfection, going full force in both the lower registry and the high pitch screams.

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware that HALESTORM are this popular in Denmark, but when I hear the crowd sing along at the top of their voices to songs like “Love Bites (so do I)”, “I miss the misery”, “Amen”, “Freak like me” and “I get off”, I understand that they have a huge fan base at Copenhell. And the entire band are thanking the audience several times for the support during their show.

When Lzzy Hale introduces her little brother Arejay Hale, we get to experience something rarely seen and heard at a festival performance; a drum solo!

Arejay Hale proves to the Copenhell crowd that the entertainment gene is not only something Lzzy is born with. Also little brother gives us a few minutes of pure entertainment. With a huge amount of energy he is banging the drums like a maniac, but also adding some humour into it when he plays with oversize drumsticks, with great beats and precision, even.

I just LOVE what this rock band is doing on stage, and I cannot wait to attend a full concert with HALESTORM and see what they can come up with! Because they are really tight performers and have an energy that is contagious.

Live Line-Up:

Lzzy Hale - Vocals, Guitar
Arejay - Drums
Josh Storm - Bass, Vocals
Joe Storm - Guitar, Vocals

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