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Glenn Hughes

Copenhell 2019 Day 3

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The living legend Glenn Hughes is visiting COPENHELL 2019 to perform classic Deep Purple songs, and as a big fan of “The voice of Rock” I have HUGE (Hughes? heehee) expectations for this performance. As a singer I always looked up to Glenn Hughes and his singing, and I really hope he will deliver the goods today.

But as I have seen a lot of “older bands” that I have looked up to in my 41 years of existence, I have to keep a cold mindset and attend this concert trying to be realistic and remember that the guy is almost 70 years old and is probably not going to have the energy and voice that he had during the seventies and eighties. So I am actually nervous on his behalf, hoping he will not screw this up.

The Glenn Hughes backdrop is really “flower power” and when the band enter the stage and I see Glenn Hughes I feel almost like I am attending a COPENHELL Woodstock.
Hughes is wearing the typical 70s bell-bottoms, a colorful shirt with a vest over it, dark sunglasses and sideburns growing almost to his knees like he had way back when, before I was even born.

Unfortunately, as the band start to play their first song, the classic “Stormbringer” from 1974, there are some sound issues, so I am not able to hear Glenn Hughes singing at all, but fortunately enough the sound engineer fixes the problem halfway through the song, and the Voice of Rock is hitting me in the face like well… a STORM!

I am standing amongst people I don’t know personally, and we are just looking at each other with our jaws dropping… How the H*LL does he do this?! We are standing around looking at each other like idiots, not belieiving what we hear… Glenn Hughes, 69 years old, is singing like he was 20 years old! He is better than EVER! And then we all just start to smile… This is amazing! I even have a guy standing next to me with his little son who is nine years old, and he is loving it just as much as us “old folks”. This is just epic.

I do not know how many exclamation marks I can use about this performance, but I am honestly in shock. And the few goosebumps I have had earlier during COPENHELL is nothing compared to what I am feeling right now. Glenn Hughes is really the best singer alive at the moment in my opinion. He has NO boundaries at all with his voice, he can do it all and this is pure perfection!

Glenn Hughes is also accompanied by two Danes, guitarist Søren Andersen and Jesper Bo Hansen on classic organ.
And what Søren Andersen is doing playing these classic Purple songs is pure enjoyment! God damn he is really showing his talent! This guy can really play that guitar!

Søren has apparently known Hughes for a long time, and when the front man is talking about Søren on stage he is actually referring to him as his son. And I can clearly see that these two guys really love each other, and that they enjoy sharing a stage. They keep on applauding each other all the time and it seems like they have an endless mutual respect, and it really cool to watch.

I never actually thought I would have the opportunity to hear “Smoke on the water” live with Glenn Hughes on vocals, but when Søren Andersen starts to play the opening riff, I am totally in heaven. This is a dream come true, and now I can die a happy woman.

The Deep Purple hits keep on coming one after the other and when “Highway star” is played I once again am amazed about not only Glenn Hughes, but also the two Danish musicians with him on stage. This is probably just as amazing for them as for us in the crowd. To be able to share a stage with a living legend , and to do so in their native country, must be incredible! And they are really kicking some butt up there.

I feel almost drained of energy as Glenn Hughes and his amazing band leave the stage. One of my childhood dreams has come true, and I have to agree with Glenn Hughes when he stated “Rock n roll will never be dead, at least not as long as I am alive”. And Rock’n’roll will still be alive long after he is gone, as he is and always will be the true “Voice of Rock”



Might Just Take Your Life
Sail Away
Smoke on the Water / Georgia on My Mind
Highway Star

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Glenn Hughes - Vocals / Bass
Ash Sheehan: Drums
Søren Andersen: Guitar
Jesper Bo Hansen: Organ

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