The hype around BAEST here in their home country is considerable. They’re probably Denmark’s death metal darling number one right now. Even if their releases so far (one EP and one full-length) don’t quite justify the special attention in my opinion, one must admit that the young five-piece lack neither charm nor talent for churning out capable Swedish style death metal tunes.

As Baest launch into ‘Vortex’ from the Danse Macabre, the sound is extremely poor. The bass and bass drums are hardly audible and the snare drum is, contrary to that, far too dominant. With ‘Hecatomb’, the sound is improved slightly, but my mind flies back to Entombed at the Roskilde Festival in 1992, which was a majestic experience…but the sound, to be honest, was dubious.

I move around the venue a bit for want of better sound, and finally, five songs into set, as Baest treat us with the title track from the album, the sound is clear and right where it should be. ‘Marks of the Undead’ get a huge check mark from me: The mix of Bloodbath and Entombed is perfectly executed. ‘Ego Te Absolvo’ and the über-hit ‘Crosswhore’ are equally impressive.

Baest are less original than their mates in I’ll Be Damned, but they are true to style, and they do what they do well. I’m certain that their performance will be appreciated across the European continent with the right backing. Solid stuff.

Photo: Hasan Jensen / Homage Photography

But it doesn’t end there! Simon Olsen points out that there’s more in the goody bag. It turns out that I’ll Be Damned and Baest have worked out a set of cover songs. What a cool surprise!

With two drummers behind their respective kids, I’ll Be Damned bassist Jens and Baest guitarist Svend, the first tune is nothing less than Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’. It’s ‘just’ an instrumental version, but still very cool that this tribute is paid to the masters of prog. Next up is Mastodon’s ‘Blood & Thunder’, this time with both vocalists on stage. The line-up changes slightly throughout the short set, but all members are present at some point. Their rendering of Pantera’s ‘I’m Broken’ is monumental (and of course dedicated to the Abbott brothers (RIP).

The rest of the set consists of Bloodbath’s ‘Eaten’, Down’s ‘Bury Me In Smoke’, Entombed’s ‘Wolverine Blues and finally ‘(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!’ by The Hellacopters. A fine homage to the bands who went before these two bands.

All in all a great evening in the company of some of Denmark’s finest new bands. A fabulous atmosphere and happy audience, exactly the way you want a Saturday evening to be!

Photo: Hasan Jensen / Homage Photography



Atra Mors
Danse Macabre
Marks of the Undead
Ego Te Absolvo

Cover set list:
Tom Sawyer (Rush)
Blood & Thunder (Mastodon)
I'm Broken (Pantera)
Eaten (Bloodbath)
Bury Me In Smoke (Down)
Wolverine Blues (Entombed)
(Gotta Get Some Action) Now! (The Hellacopters)

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Simon Olsen (vocals)
Svend Karlsson (guitar)
Lasse Revsbech (guitar)
Mattias Melchiorsen (bass)
Sebastian Abildsten (drums)

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