I'll Be Damned


Looking at the audience tonight, it’s pretty obvious that we’re dealing with a package that isn’t just metal. And I’d say there are people here who aren’t too accustomed to concerts with loud rock music either. I notice at least a couple of girls who look decidedly non-metal and wide-eyed when I’LL BE DAMNED open the gates to their version of hell. The appeal of I’ll Be Damned is broader than your average (hard) rock band with their infectious yet head on music. You can find D-A-D, blues rock, sludge and a touch of metal in their music, and even if it’s not at all the Volbeat way, my guess is that they attract the same segment.

I’ve heard rumours about front man Stig Gamborg’s antics on stage, so my expectations run high. My first thought is that he’s disappointingly tame during the first song, ‘Flag Follows the Money’. But, I’ll tell myself, it’s a fairly slow song. And that would be the explanation – it was a slow warm up.
Stig wears a shirt and a vest top, glasses and well-combed, blond hair. He basically looks like an angry office guy and offers a great contrast to his band mates who look either like homeless punks or your standard metal musicians. He’s a fantastic front man. He’s not the world’s best singer, far from it, but his charisma is undeniable.

The Aarhus crowd eats from Stig’s hand and is practically ecstatic. The metal people mosh, the non-metal people dance, it’s quite simply a party.

At some point, Stig is gone from stage. Where is he? Ah, of course, he’s on the balcony, practically screaming into the faces of the poor sods who’ve positioned themselves in something they thought was safe distance from the moshing crowd downstairs. A couple of songs later, the singer is crowdsurfing whilst hanging desperately onto the microphone.

I’m not a fan of all of I’ll Be Damned’s material, but they have more than a handful great songs. Most notably ‘People Who Hate People – Come Together’, ‘You Are The Young’, ‘A Hanging Job’, ‘Just Ain’t Right’ and ‘Pigburner’ are hits. The latter happens to feature Baest growler Simon Olsen, and the rock come death metal tune ends the I’ll Be Damned set on a high note. Unusually, Simon guides us direcly into the BAEST set with no break at all. Right on!

Photo: Hasan Jensen / Homage Photography

Flag Follows the Money
People Who Hate People - Come Together
You Are The Young
A Hanging Job
Shopping With a Shotgun
Just Ain't Right
Keep Warm Burn the Rich
Real Monsters

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Stig Gamborg - Vocals
Mathias Smidt - Drums
Kristian Sloth - Guitars
Boris Tandrup - Guitars
Jens Lunde - Bass

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