Skarlett Riot

Female Metal Voices Tour 2018


A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry for SKARLETT RIOT tells us that they’re a UK hard rock band formed around singer/model Skarlett. Again, another country represented on stage and a whole new type of front lady. The cuteness factor goes up several degrees as Skarlett struts unto stage, all smiles and looking like the neighbour’s daughter you always dreamed about (not that our neighbours ever had daughters who were that beautiful, but if that had been the case, I certainly would’ve dreamed about them).

Funny thing is that Wikipedia called this hard rock because the Slayer factor has also gone up – for the drummer, anyway. That’s rather cool. The guitarist and bassist are also full-on with an intense energy level. This is more melodic metal and thrash than hard rock if you ask me.

Now we talk about factors; for Skarlett, the Bruce Dickinson factor is very high. After two minutes on stage, she does the ‘scream for me, Aarhus’ trick. A bit fresh, eh? But, well, the audience is in the best of moods and we all grunt in approval. If Skarlett smiles, then we’re happy!

The wee Brit isn’t just a pretty face, mind you. She can in fact sing, and she does have a nag for enticing a crowd. Another approved support gig.



The Storm
Empty Inside
The Wounded
Stand Alone

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Chloe "Skarlett" Drinkwater - vocals
Martin Shepherd - bass
Danny Oglesby - guitars
Luke Oglesby - drums

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