Female Metal Voices Tour 2018

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MARTYRIUM from Malta have the honour of opening the ball at 18:30. So, completely unknown band in front of not very many people very early on a Tuesday evening. Ungrateful task. But, lo and behold, the Aarhus audience surprise in a positive way (and I have to speculate if the reception would have been just as heartily warm if the front person had been a guy and not Mikaela in latex), and cheer loudly from the very beginning.

And Mikaela, well…let me just say that the latex suit is very, very tight and looks slightly uncomfortable at times, but who’s complaining? She also wears an evil mask and a robe during the first couple of songs, and then both of those items are shed in favour of, well, just the very tight latex suit.

Beside and behind her, you find four Mad Max extras on bass, guitars and drums who kind of fade into background next to the latex clad maiden.

At first, the sound is chaotic, but as things clear up a bit, there are obvious ties with Cradle of Filth and other black/death combos. Mikaela herself is not a far cry from Dani Filth, as she spends most of her time screaming and bellowing, although it turns out later on during the set that she can also sing. Which is a nice diversion!

MartYriuM leave a lot of room for black metal chaos, but there are also the much more headbanger friendly breakdowns and ensuing pieces that remind me of Satyricon’s crushingly effective ‘Black Crow on a Tombstone’. Entertaining set by the Maltese, which is rewarded with much applause and cheers from the audience.



Live Line-Up:

Vocals - Mikaela
Guitar - Count Mortem
Guitar - Erebus
Bass Guitar - Sandmist
Synths & Programming - Úmarth
Drums - Vulcanus

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