Kobra And The Lotus

Female Metal Voices Tour 2018


The band I’ve been looking forward to seeing the must tonight is KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. I went over some of the tunes of all of the bands on the bill on Spotify the past couple of weeks, and to be honest, KATL’s music was what really caught my ears and not so much that of the others.

It takes a band like Kobra And The Lotus to make you realise that there are bands and then there are bands. As Kobra Paige and her band enter the stage, it strikes me in a sudden blow of clear-sight how young, unprofessional and perhaps even slightly nervous the previous bands were in comparison. There’s a world of difference in terms of confidence, authority and class.

Not to say that Kobra doesn’t show humility towards the task and the audience in front of her, she does, and at the same time she is practically radiant on stage. A big smile, a rush of curly, blond hair, sipping tea (I’m guessing) from a mug, and then there’s that over-the-top wonderful voice of hers. Although the volume on the vocals could easily be taken up a notch or two, there’s still no doubt that this voice beats them all tonight.

Another wonderful thing is that the band are able to bridge the gap from ballad to full-hammer heavy metal with ease. They’re just as convincing in both the quiet moments (although there aren’t too many of those) and when power is the name of the game.

Kobra shares that the band spent three months in Jacob Hansen’s studio in the rural town of Ribe on the Danish west coast when they recorded the Prevail I and Prevail II albums. That inspired the song called ‘Ribe’. And my goodness, I’m completely blown away by the beauty and the compositional majesty of that song and the following ‘My Immortal’! It’s such a shame that there aren’t more people here tonight to experience this, and I’m grateful that I got to hear and see it. Amazing band, amazing songs.




Losing My Humanity
Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber)
Light Me Up
Let Me Love You
Hell On Earth
My Immortal
Velvet Rose
You Don't Know
50 Shades of Evil

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Kobra Paige - vocals
Jasio Kulakowski - lguitar
Ronny Gutierrez - guitar
Brad Kennedy - bass
Lord Marcus Lee - drums

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