Female Metal Voices Tour 2018


Hailing from the Ukraine, IGNEA represent not only another country, but also a different metal genre than MartYriuM. Gone is the latex and evil witchery style, instead we have Helle Bogdanova’s very different take on what a front woman is. Helle is a tiny woman with loooong hair, trousers, t-shirt and a robe of sorts. We’re miles away from tight latex here. She ranges from a fine clean voice to a brutal grunt, which could leave most grown men cower in the corner.

What the band present as “oriental metal vibes” is a proggy death metal variant – and a well-played one at that. Although he looks like a 16-year-old, guitarist Dmitriy plays a steady hand, and it’s nice to see a young band who aren’t afraid of letting the music speak for itself without vocals for fairly long passages – and without losing track of the tune along the way.

Helle’s counterpart on stage is keyboardist Evgeny, who also contributes with growls. He’s a big man with massively long hair and a beard  – and a very gay-looking white keyboard. Oh, the contrasts!

Nevertheless, an approved gig by the Ukranians, also by the Aarhus audience if I’m to judge by the cheers.


Live Line-Up:

Helle Bogdanova - vocals
Evgeny Zhytnyuk - keyboard, backing vocals
Dmitri Vinnichenko - guitars
Xander Kamyshin - bass
Ivan Kholmogorov - drums

Thomas Nielsen
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