Butcher Babies

Female Metal Voices Tour 2018

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I honestly don’t expect much from tonight’s headliner. They became a name because they put tape on their nipples and apart from that have been rather generous when it comes to showing off their sizeable womanly attributes. The few BUTCHER BABIES songs I’ve listened to on YouTube and Spotify haven’t impressed me much, although the power of the five-piece fronted by the two Playmates from hell, Heidi and Carla, is irrefutable.

Anyhoo, I anticipate this show with massive amounts of prejudice, because I really don’t expect this to be other than a spectacle of hormone-filled fantasies come-to-life. My prejudice aren’t quite justified. Yes, Heidi and Carla show up in clothing that leaves very little to your imagination as our photographic evidence from the event reveals, that is a fact. Can the two front sirens sing? Mmm, not so sure, but they scream and growl for dear life, and they do it from their hearts.

And exactly that, the thing about the heart, is what becomes a bit of a revelation to me. Butcher Babies is probably not the band I’m going to visit on Spotify daily, but this is live music and it is something different. This is where you can feel and see the people behind the music, and this is where you might occasionally think “Hm, this is not so bad, and it’s really infectious”. Why? Because these two women get under your skin with their intense energy level and for the very simple reason that they, in front of tops 150 people deliver a show and seem to be having such a good time nonetheless.

These women have branded themselves as hardcore Barbie dolls with tape on their tits, and their take on modern metal/djent/thrash will most likely forever be judged on the basis of that, but tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is a big fuck you to that. What I’m left with is an impression of a touring metal band with two front woman who are genuinely nice and warm people and completely into entertaining us with music that is, in fact, rather brutal. To me, that is as metal as it gets.

At the beginning of this review, I mentioned how this package would make sense. What I meant was that this five-band tour package offers the audience something for all tastes both in terms of music styles and types of front women. Melodic metal, heavy metal, thrash, prog, death, black, modern metal, djent, it’s been an evening with a plethora of styles. Guys like me love this kind of variation. The women we have seen during the evening have also been diverse in style and expressive angle. We’ve met the witch-like dominatrix type, the down-to-earth, one-of-the-boys girl who both sings and growls, the cute girl in the skirt, the radiant metal diva and the hormone-provoking metal chicks.

My initial scepticism when our photographer, Tommy, wrote me and said ‘We’re going!’ weeks ago has now officially been turned into a feeling that this was something I wouldn’t have missed. Good stuff. Thank you, ladies!

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Burn the Strawman
Monsters Ball
The Butcher
The Huntsman
POMONA (Shit Happens)
Deadman Walking

They're Coming to Take Me Away
Look What We've Done
Magnolia Blvd.

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Heidi Shepherd - vocals
Carla Harvey - vocals
Henry Flury - guitar
Jason Klein - bass
Chase Brickenden - drums

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