Ëvil Invaders

Heavy Agger 2017


Hang on! Did I say that Impalers was an outburst of passion and energy? Well, it looks as if someone is just about to blow the scale for both passion and energy completely. Evil Invaders from Belgium are probably the most manic and intense thrash metal band I’ve seen in…ever!

Unleashing a pure Teutonic thrash metal assault on the Agger crowd, the two guitarists and the bassist are all over the place. They sound like an early version of Destruction plus some Kreator, and as scary as that may sound, it works like magic. Agger sucks this up like a thirsty kitten sucking up milk from a saucer.

Compared to our own Impalers, there is the main difference that, even if the Belgians are completely over the top active on stage, they are still in control of the chaos and their instruments. The intensity is emphasised by the fact that lead guitarist Max has to go backstage and change strings on no less than two guitars after a few songs. Not that this prevents the rest of the band from continuing the next two songs as a three piece.

Impressive and furiously intense performance. You gotta love it!

All pictures ©Aga Zu (except were stated otherwise). Used with kind permission.

Thomas Nielsen
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