Ethereal Kingdoms

Nordic Noise 2019



At 7:15 PM Danish Symphonic Metal band ETHEREAL KINGDOMS enters the stage and my first thought is how “ordinary” and “normal” they look.

A friend told me before the show that this was a band I needed to check out, and that I was going to be amazed by their performance.

The singer, Sofia Schmidt, starts to sing in that beautiful opera type voice, and I think to myself: “Aha! Some symphonic metal with opera, how ordinary” and I look down on my notebook and start to write when all of a sudden a growling from the top of someone’s lungs sounds from the stage and I think “how interesting” and look up on the stage from my notebook to see which one of the males are the growler, but no no…It is actually also her!

The way this singer sings is rarely heard. Her opera voice, screams and growling shows some real technicality to her singing, and it is almost as if she has different masks she puts on. Very impressive!

One more person enters the stage and a fiddle starts to play (which actually sounds a lot like a guitar). At this point, the stage is starting to look a little bit crowded, especially when also three male choireboys (well, men) enter the stage after a few songs to help get that feeling of powerfullness.

I can tell that this band has a story to tell, as the singer is very active on stage, both dancng around like a fairy and then jumping around, growling and breaking things on stage. The choir and fiddle also helps to get the atmosphere in that right kind of mood, as symphonic power metal can give. And the harmonies sound GREAT!

The only thing is that I don’t really understand the story they are trying to tell, but I guess that could be because I have difficulties hearing the lyrics.

All in all I am entertained by Ethereal Kingdoms, but I think with a different (bigger) stage, setting, lighting and costumes, they could do an even better performance.

I felt there was something missing to get the whole picture of the performance as it could be even more theatrical and dramatic than it was. But how much can one band actually do in 30 minutes to impress a new audience?

I for sure look forward to watching this band live in the future to see what they have in store for us.

No matter what they do, it can not be less intense than what they performed this evening.


Ashes Within
Interlude - I Reign
Embrace me
Silent dance

Playing Time: 30 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Sofia Schmidt - Vocals
Christian Rasmussen - Guitar
Jakob Holm - Bass
Jon Elmquist - Drums
Special guests:
Amalie Skriver - Violin
Choir from Cathedral of Roskilde

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