Copenhell 2019 Day 3

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Because this “little lady” was late once again, I didn’t catch the first few songs from Swiss folk metal band ELUVEITIE, but when I DO arrive to the Hades stage at Copenhell, I am met by the BEAUTIFUL voice of singer Fabienne Erni.
But it only takes a really short while until Chrigel Glanzmann starts to scream/growl.

I have to admit that I thought ELUVEITIE would sound more folk than metal, but this actually sounds more metal than folk metal (if you catch my drift) and I am NOT hating it!

This sounds like a newer, more updated and fresh type of folk metal than I have heard before when listening to this metal sub genre.
It becomes obvious why this band is called a folk metal band as I witness almost all eight band members (normally nine, but Matteo Sisti is not present today due to personal reasons) start to play some instruments not particularly known in the metal scene.

I see harp-like things, bagpipes and flutes, mandolins and fiddles (and some other instruments I don’t exactly know the name of) and I am totally into what ELUVEITIE do up on that stage. I have to say I am totally mesmerized by this performance!

I love the fact that this band is playing their “odd” instruments, but still keeping it totally METAL!
Some people might think that it’s the growls of Chrigel Glanzmann that makes this more metal than folk metal related, but no. The whole band and their performance are totally living up to the COPENHELL concept, and the band is really giving me (and hopefully the entire crowd) a show we won’t forget very soon.

ELUVEITIE have so many different elements and layers to their music that I can’t help just standing still and simply enjoy their music and performance.
And when I hear the two vocalists sing the same lyrics (like a duet), one singing in pure high pitched voice, and the other growling in total synchronization, I get goosebumps for the second time during this festival.

I know I am mentioning and focusing on Glanzmann and Fabienne Erni a lot right now, but trust me, all the members are just amazing with their instruments (including the two singers who play bagpipe and flute) –  ooops… I did it again… Sorry
But the entire band is really putting on a show that I personally would love to see again.

This is a band that is not to be labelled as a “folk metal” band in my opinion. They are a metal band with native expressions, and if any of you readers enjoy metal with “special elements and instruments” you should really check this band out. They are truly talented and unique in what they do. Trust me.


The Call of the Mountains
Inis Mona

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Alain Ackermann - Drums
Chrigel Glanzmann - Vocals, Mandola & Mandolin, Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipes, Bodhràn
Michalina Malisz -Session Hurdygurdy
Jonas Wolf - Guitars
Rafael Salzmann - Guitars
Kay Brem - Bass
Nicole Anspenger- Fiddle
Fabienne Erni - Vocals, Harp, Mandola

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