Genre: , ,
BANDS: Doro + No Sleep For Lucy
DATE: 13th March, 2019
LOCATION: ‘The Underworld’, London (EU)
EVENT: Forever Warriors Forever United Tour 2018/2019

With hindsight it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Doro Pesch and her band sold out tonight’s gig (she actually sold out most of her current tour). After all she’s the type of artiste with an appeal that transcends age and gender. On top of that, Doro is promoting “Forever Warriors, Forever United”, an album that has been widely embraced by her fans and press. As its title suggests, it’s very much a paean to Heavy Metal, with catchy refrains that make the songs perfect for live delivery.


No Sleep For Lucy  (

Warming up the crowd were Swedish Pop Rock band No Sleep For Lucy. Most of the band’s set-list was taken from their album “Until The End”. A few songs into their set I felt what I was hearing reminded me of U2…not necessarily a good thing since I don’t care much about U2. As if reading my thoughts, the band then played ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’…a U2 cover.

No Sleep For Lucy put their hearts into their performance but I couldn’t help notice they felt conspicuously out of place in a Metal gig in front of a Metal crowd. At one point the band’s singer introduced a song saying it was a dedication to all the Metal warriors out there. The song was another tame Pop Rock song! Seriously….did he really think the crowd was so naïve?

In another context I might have liked No Sleep For Lucy. But not tonight.

Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Final Call
Feel Alive
Until The End
Don’t Let Go
Going Down
No Sleep For Lucy


No Sleep For Lucy


Doro   (

Doro’s show was tremendous fun from start to end. I mean whether you dig her brand of Melodic Rock or not, there’s no denying that she is eminently capable of bonding with the audience.

The setlist was quite varied and covered several albums. Except “Machine II Machine” of course.  Besides classic numbers, such as ‘I Rule The Ruins’ and ‘All We Are’, I was particularly happy to hear some songs from the Warlock era. I just couldn’t resist the urge to headbang and play air guitar when the band belted out ‘Hellbound’. Of course the most recent album, “Forever Warriors, Forever United”, was also represented via what are probably the album’s most anthemic tracks.

I liked the fact that Doro Pesch introduced each number, saying something about that song. Towards the end of the show the band vacated the stage and left Johnny Dee free reign to put the audience to waste with his drumming skills. He was then re-joined by Doro and the rest of the band for ‘All We Are’ (by ‘band’ I mean guitarists Luca Princiotta and Bas Maas (ex-After Forever) and bassist Nick Douglas).

An encore of ‘East Meets West’ then topped off a memorable show. Tonight Doro not only ruled the ruins but also the Underworld.

Raise Your Fist
I Rule The Ruins
Blood Sweat & Rock N’ Roll
Burning The Witches
Fight For Rock
Soldier Of Metal
The Night Of The Warlock
Metal Racer
Für Immer
– drum solo –
All For Metal
All We Are
When East Meets West


Johnny Dee (Doro)








Crowd interaction during Doro’s show at ‘The Underworld’ (audio):


All words and live photography by Chris Galea (© 2019)