Dimmu Borgir

Copenhell 2019 Day 3

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1997 was the year when I finally accepted that I could also listen to black metal. Not all black metal, but some. There were two bands I learned to accept very easily: Cradle of Filth from the UK and this band called DIMMU BORGIR from Norway. This was not usual iiiiihuuuuugaaaaaa un-produced, shitty noise you’d get from the usual black metal bands from Norway. It sounded big and bombastic, it had keyboards and an actual production. The album was of course Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, and for me, it was a milestone in terms my understanding of what black metal could also be.

Now, so many years later, DIMMU BORGIR are still going strong, and the latest album, Eonian, was one of my absolute fave albums of 2018. Needless to say, I’m anxious to see how the new songs transport into the live setting. After the rather grim experience with LIVING COLOUR earlier today, I’m slightly precautious when it comes too be over enthusiastic beforehand…

It turns out that there’s nothing to worry about, though. Shagrath and the rest of DIMMU BORGIR convince from the first moment. “The Unveiling” and “Interdimensional Summit” open the concert and later the sounds of “Ætheric” and “Council of Wolves and Snakes” from Eonian fill the evening air, and they all sound fabulous. I’m more than pleased that DIMMU BORGIR have confidence in their newest material and let Eonian be the most heavily represented album on the set list.

In Sorte Diaboli is represented with “The Chosen Legacy”, Abrahadabra with the two best songs from that album, namely “Gateways” and “Dimmu Borgir” (and this is where I realise that the word “Dimmu” is pronounced slightly different from what I’ve always done – it’s of course pronounced with a Norwegian u sound, which is more like a Danish y sound. There you go!). “Puritania” from I is aired, “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” from Death Cult Armageddon and then, finally, the song that basically turned me into someone who could accept black metal: “Mourning Palace” from Enthrone Darkness Triumphant.

Mind you, a DIMMU BORGIR show is not just the music. Nay, this is a show! The paint, the clothing, the lights, everything is such a complete experience. And the sound is perfect. This is in short a spectacle to behold and a phenomenal experience for the ears. Amazing.

Basically high on this experience, I’m wondering if it’s time for me to head home (I have a three and half hour drive during the night), but I decide to stay on for a while with my friends and watch THE SCORPIONS. The Germans are, afterall, the headliners!

Three songs. That’s how long I last. Rarely have I witnessed anything as embarrassing as this excuse for a rock show. Klaus Meine is NO voice left. None. Nada. Zit. Mikkey Dee or not, I can’t stand this misery.

So, bye bye, Copenhell 2019 – we’ll probably meet again in a year’s time!


1. The Unveiling
2. Interdimensional Summit
3. The Chosen Legacy
4. Gateways
5. Dimmu Borgir
6. Puritania
7. Ætheric
8. Council of Wolves and Snakes
9. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
10. Mourning Palace

Playing Time: 45 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Shagrath - Vocals
Silenoz - Rhythm Guitar
Galder - Lead Guitar
Daray - Drums
Gerlioz - Keyboard

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