Cold Night for Alligators

The Interbeing + Support: Cold Night for Alligators

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The intro starts to play at approx. 21:00, and the band has already entered the stage. The singer is nowhere to be seen, though, until he all of a sudden jumps up on stage from the audience and screams his lungs out. Now that’s what I call an entrance.

When the singer moves from screaming/growling into a beautiful melody, I get goosebumps all over. This singer has a beautiful voice! And a very, very emotional one.

I am really liking what I hear! This band has so many different elements in their music, and as the progmetal fan I am, I get chills when the rough metal turns into pure progressive sounds. The entire band is so tight and talented I am in a little bit of a shock that they haven’t been picked up by a huge international label and play live all over the world at bigger venues.

There is a slight touch of Emo in their songs and lyrics, but because they have that raw sound as well, it is not Emo in the way many people think traditional Emo sounds like, but yes, the crying and longing in the singer’s voice sometimes takes you back to that Emo sound and feeling. But I really like it! It just shows that there is a story to their music.

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS put on a really good show and the whole band interacts with both each other and the audience in front of the stage, and I can tell they are doing their best to get the audience ready for the headliner of the evening.


I can tell, though, that there are a lot of people standing in the back and outside the venue who aren’t taking part in the fun. I guess they are only here to watch the main act, which is a shame because in my opinion they are missing out on some really talented musicians and a great show.

I am so impressed by the technique of the singer Johan Pedersen. He switches between screaming/growling and his beautiful clean voice. I am used to hearing another singer in a band “helping out” in these kind of songs, but this singer switches from one second to another, and he does it perfectly. That cannot be an easy thing to do.

The entire band is extremely talented, and especially in the progressive metal parts of their songs, I am actually floored by their musicality.

Even though the live bass player, Eskil Rask, is “borrowed” from the band Sunless Dawn and isn’t an actual member of the band, he fits the band perfectly, and he is doing a really good job.

I cannot wait to see this band live again, and hopefully on a bigger stage with better lighting, so they can really shine and show the audience what they truly are made of.



Drowning Light
Violent Design
Black Swan
Get Rid Of The Walls

Playing Time: 45 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Johan Pedersen - Vocals
Kristoffer Jessen - Guitar and backup-vocals
Roar Jakobsen - Guitar
Nikolaj Sloth - Drums
Eskil Rask - Bass

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