Heavy Agger 2017

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When Abbath isn’t in Immortal, he’s just Abbath, and when he isn’t Abbath, then he’s…ehm…Lemmy. Confused?

Also last year, Abbath and his two mates visit Agger to perform with Bömbers, very possibly the best Motörhead tribute band around. I mean…Abbath sounds a LOT like Lemmy, or at least he manages to get the same feeling out of those old songs as Lemmy did.

Not being the biggest fan of Motörhead, some songs are less familiar to me than others, but I’m a complete sucker for ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Orgasmatron’, and both are part of the 20-song (!) set list tonight. This is probably because Sodom and Sepultura made covers that were part of my induction to metaldom back in day, but who cares? The songs are as cool as Abbath is one of the funniest characters of the metal scene.

The tones of ‘Overkill’ signal the end of Heavy Agger 2017, and a fine festival it has been. For some, it’s time to party on, for yours truly it’s time to sit in the car for almost two hours before I can hit sack. Goodbye to Agger and the lovely people there – looking forward to next year already!

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Abbath: An amazing Lemmy

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