Battle Beast European Tour + Support Arion

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Battle Beast for me is Noora Louhimo, and it is easy to forget that Battle Beast is not a one woman show, but a band performance.
This becomes even more obvious when front woman and vocalist Noora enters the stage at Pumpehuset.

She is wearing heavy makeup and horns on her head, and when she opens her mouth and starts to sing the first notes, I understand why she is so popular amongst Battle Beast fans.

I cannot begin to explain the feeling of shock I get when she starts to sing.
My jaw actually drops to the floor and I look at our Power of photographer, and I can see that he is thinking the same. Totally amazing singer!

Her voice is so perfect and when she sings those high notes, and does it flawless live, I can only explain my thoughts in one word: WOW! Just…. WOW!


She makes it look and sound so easy, and it is difficult for me to understand how such a big, powerful and strong voice can come out of that little body. I guess you call it pure talent that one can only be born with.

When the band perform the ballad “I wish”, I experience something I have never done before during a concert. I get really emotional and tears are actually running down my cheeks. For me, the lyrics get very personal and Noora sings the song with so much feeling that it goes straight to my heart.


Battle Beast have many catchy songs that are easy for the audience to sing/scream along to and especially songs like “Straight to the heart”, “Black Ninja” and “King for a day” make the crowd scream almost louder than the band can play.

Battle Beast really knows how to entertain an audience, there is no doubt about that.

Even though they have been on a long tour, they give it their all on stage and they know how to get a crowd going, with fists in the air and a lot of humour in between songs.

When I look around I am amazed how some people almost seem hypnotized by the performance, and singer Noora can get the crowd to do almost anything she wants them to do.

With 30 minutes left of the set, she even gets everyone to sing “Barbie Girl” with horns and fists up in the air. Now THAT is not something you are used to see or hear at a metal concert. Pretty funny.

During the first half of the show, I am really entertained by Battle beast, but I have to admit that by the end of the set, I catch myself looking more at the crowd around me than up on the stage.

Also, somehow the songs changed from being more metal in the beginning to sounding more like pop/rock towards the end, and this is the reason why they only get 7/10 from me.

But there is no doubt that this evening has been truly entertaining, and I am leaving Pumpehuset with a smile on my face, saying to myself: Yes, I am proud to be a Finn!

Live Line-Up:

Noora Louhimo - Vocals
Pyry Vikki - Drums
Joona Björkroth - Guitar, Vocals
Juuso Soinio - Guitar
Eero Sipilä - Bass, Vocals
Janne Björkroth - Keyboard, Vocals

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