Copenhell 2019 - Day 2


There are probably none hotter in the Danish metal underground at the moment. BAEST are death metal, jawohl, but their popularity is rising, and they have even reached the wider masses due to a mini series on Danish national television about their determined effort to make their music known across the country and outside wee Denmark.

The young band have lots of wind in their sails, and deservedly so. It’s not because their music is original. It’s old school death metal, and we’ve heard it a thousand times before. It’s not because they are any more formidable players than many others, because they’re not. No, the reason is that they strike exactly the right chord with the conviction and heart it takes to make an impression on even old farts like myself who’re convinced they’ve seen it all over the past thirty years. They add nothing whatsoever to the genre apart from youthful enthusiasm and love for the music and culture.

You don’t need much more, do you?

It becomes obvious even before the concert begins that the Copenhell very possibly have underestimated the popularity of BAEST. The Hades stage is simply too small. The field in front of the stage is packed. They could’ve played the bigger Helviti stage without trouble.

I know beforehand that I’m going to leave before the set finishes due to the fact that there’s an overlap between BEAST and the Kiwi boyband ALIEN WEAPONRY who’ll be playing at the Pandemonium stage. Afterall, the likelyhood that I’ll see BEAST again sometime soon is far greater than running into the more exotic New Zealandic phenomenon.

Do I find it hard to leave when it’s eventually time? Yes, I do. BAEST with the highly energetic front man Simon Olsen, are practically brimming with self-confidence, and it is a joy to behold. They are true stars tonight as their death metal roar shakes the ground.

September will see the release of Venenum, their second album. The song “Gulla” has already been released, and is also played tonight. The song shows their true strength, namely the slow to mid-tempo monsters. Sadly, I don’t get to hear “Crosswhore”, the song I think is BAEST’s über-hit, but I’m sure that those who stayed had the pleasure.

Welcome the new death metal stars from Denmark. We’ll be hearing much more from them over the next few years – no doubt about it.

Live Line-Up:

Lasse Revsbech – guitar
Simon Olsen - vocals
Sebastian Abildsten – drums
Mattias Melchiorsen – bass
Svend Karlsson - guitar

Thomas Nielsen
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