Battle Beast European Tour + Support Arion

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Even though I think I have pretty good knowledge about the Finnish metal scene, it is surprising I have never heard of the band Arion before.

At 9 PM, the lights go down and the intro starts to play. It is an acoustic guitar that follows up with some strings, and my full attention is immediately caught.
The band enters the stage and singer Lasse Vääränen jumps straight up on a speaker, and the crowd’s hands go straight up in the air (including mine). Their energy is totally in your face and you can clearly see this band loves to perform live.

The keyboard player is wearing a hat/beanie and only a few lines into the first song, he throws it off to the side of the stage (I guess it is hot on stage) and starts banging his head.

It is pretty amazing watching these guys as they seem to be very young, but still show so much professionalism in their performance and interaction with each other and the audience.


I am totally FLOORED when the first guitar solo is played. Who is this guy? He shreds his guitar like his fingers are on fire, and the guitar sound is so clean and perfect, it is hard to understand this is only the support band, checking the sound. AMAZING!

Singer Lassi Vääränen also has a great deal of talent as his voice is really powerful with a perfect pitch, and his energy on stage is contagious.


It is hard for me to explain and put the music performed by these youngsters in a certain category, but I guess I could call it melodic power/heavy metal with some symphonic twists.

Although the members of Arion seem young, there is no doubt in my mind that these guys have been playing together for a while, and are no newbies to this. They are really tight and seem to know each other quite well, and are enjoying themselves on stage.


Personally, I am mostly impressed by the musicality of the drummer, Topias Kupiainen, and the guitarist, Iivo Kaipainen, but also the songs are really good, and I feel that I need to check this band out some more, and I recommend those of the readers who don’t know this band already should do the same.

After the show, I had the opportunity to talk to a few of the members of Arion, and they tell me that they have been playing together since their teenage years (7 years) and as I suspected they are all in their early twenties, besides the “oldest one”, guitarist Iivo Kaipainen, who is 25 years old.
They are signed to AFM records and have already released two albums, with a third being planned right now. I predict a bright future for this this band, and I look forward to follow their career.

Live Line-Up:

Lassi Vääränen- Vocals
Iivo Kaipainen - Guitars
Arttu Vauhkonen - Keyboards
Gege Velinov - Bass
Topias Kupiainen - Drums

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