Amon Amarth

Copenhell 2019 Day 3


Yesterday, Friday, I stood a few steps from Entombed AD singer LG Petrov and watched the beginning of the Unleashed gig from the balcony of the VIP area (until I decided to head for the area in front of the stage to be closer to the concert). I thought to myself that he was there because of his Firespawn colleague, Unleashed guitarist Fredrik Folkare or something. Just now, as I stand here in front of the Helviti stage and wait for AMON AMARTH, it dawns upon me exactly why he’s here. More about that later.

I’ve never seen AMON AMARTH without being entertained immensely. Not only is their music and their thematic universe right down my alley, they also come across as super sympathetic people who have a genuine interest in creating a party around them.

It is no different this early Saturday evening, where the sun is doing its best to scourge us. The mighty sun has a bit of competition from the onstage pyros, which are used generously throughout the set. Fire and flame, swords and battle – that’s an AMON AMARTH concert!

The set starts of with one of the evergreens of the Swedes; “The Pursuit of Vikings”. Immediately, fists are pumping, heads are banging and the first circle pits are forming. AMON AMARTH have a terribly strong catalogue of songs now, no doubt about that, and they start off with one of the strongest cards.

I don’t know if you’ve been to an AMON AMARTH gig, but if you have, you’ll probably agree that this band fuels happiness. For all their lyrical  violence and bloodshed, their attitude so utterly positive and it’s downright contagious. Johann Hegg in particular is a big party bear and constantly incites more fun. And it is a party where I’m standing. There are people flying everywhere and circle pits start up constantly, whipping up more dust. And, yes, we also sit down in the imaginary longboats and do some rowing. As you do!

The parade of hits is available to dance to: “Deceiver of the Gods”,  “Death in Fire” and “Guardians of Asgaard” where I finally get the confirmation for why LG Petrov is at the festival. With someone like LG on the stage, the show gets a little extra turbo, methinks. Great move to have him here to do the duet with Hegg as they did it on the Twilight of the Thundergod album!

From the two latest releases, Jomsviking and Beserker, we get three songs from each, namely “First Kill”, “The Way of Vikings”, “Raise Your Horns” (towards the end of the show, where horns really are raised by the band), “Crack the Sky”, “Shield Wall” and “Raven’s Flight”. The last three less known as yet, but still receive a warm welcome from Copenhell tonight.

The title track from Twilight of the Thunder God concludes a concert that felt much too short. I could easily have done half an hour more, and by the look of it, so could most of the people around me, but, hey, you can’t have it all and it’s better to end on a high note. Great stuff. Skol!


1. The Pursuit of Vikings
2. Deceiver of the Gods
3. First Kill
4. The Way of Vikings
5. Crack the Sky
6. Death in Fire
7. Shield Wall
8. Raven's Flight
9. Guardians of Asgaard
10. Raise Your Horns
11. Twilight of the Thunder God

Playing Time:
Live Line-Up:

Olavi Mikkonen - guitars
Johan Hegg - vocals
Ted Lundström - bass
Johan Söderberg - guitars
Jocke Wallgren - drums

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