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Copenhell 2019 - Day 2

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Maori ceremonial Haka dance training in front of the Pandemonium stage? Thousands of primarily Danish metal fans beating their chests and making weird hissing sounds? Hardly a common sight, my friends!

This was never the less on the menu for those who’d decided not to join the solid bulk of death metal fans over on the Hades stage where BAEST were celebrating their victory. I’d missed the Haka training, but a lot of folk around me certainly hadn’t. When I finally made it over to the Pandemonium stage and the beginning of the ALIEN WEAPONRY show, what appears to be the intructor is going through the rituals, and the crowd is solemnly responding with sounds, shouts and arm movements. It’ quite a sight, trust me.

The whole concept of ALIEN WEAPONRY is crazy. The band formed in New Zealand ten years ago. The brothers Lewis and Henry de Jong (guitars/vocals and drums, respectively) were then eight and ten years old. Which is of course ridiculous – but nevertheless true! The trio is completed by bassist Ethan Trembath. Who looks seventeen at the most, but probably also has a decade of experience as a musician…

Now, given their Maori background, the band’s lyrics are partly in the Maori language and, as you have guessed, promote Maori culture. And the energy these three young fellows put into it! This is like watching an atom bomb ignite. Lewis and Ethan are all over the place, heads banging, hair flying, fists pumping, bodies jumping. One’s thoughts are lead to Death Angel or Trivium who were also very young when they hit the stages of the world and convinced the masses of their potential.

The trio have also found a way becoming extra powerful compared to other trios. It’s a clever move that all three sing simultanously in some parts of the songs and thereby add something extra. It works really well and furthermore gives you the impression that these three kids are in total symbiosis.

Their music lands somewhere between thrash and nu-metal. Here and there I say to myself that we’ve heard this part before, but, hey, ALIEN WEAPONRY have their style and way of writing songs, which can probably mature over the years, and right now, the important thing is the extremely convincing performance, which is bound to win over the hearts of many a Dane this evening.

Welcome to Europe, ALIEN WEAPONRY, I think we’ll have many fun meetings in the coming years!

(And sorry if I didn’t get the setlist quite right…not entirely sure about the titles of the songs!)




1. PC Bro
2. Holding My Breath
3. Nobody Here
4. The Things That You Know
5. Urutaa
6. Ahi Ka
7. Hypocrite
8. Whispers
9. Raupatu

Playing Time: 45 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Lewis de Jong - guitar/vocals
Ethan Trembath - bass
Henry de Jong - drums

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