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Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album: " Kingdom of Rust".

But could you please start off by introducing the readers to the band?

Rustfield – Hello everybody, we are Andrea and Davide, the two leaders of Rustfield, a newcomer progressive rock/metal band of Massacre Records’ roster! We come from Torino, Italy, and our style of progressive is shaped on a multi-atmosphere sound, we mix heavy metal with electronics and some psychedelic spice. We released our debut album “Kingdom of Rust” on December 6th 2013, it is featured by some special guests such as John Macaluso (Symphony X, ex Y.J. Malmsteen) on drums, Federica De Boni (White Skull) on vocals and Douglas R. Docker (Docker’s Guild, ex Biloxi) on keyboards.

Could you please give us some info on the album: Where did you record the album and who has produced and mixed it?

Rustfield – We, Andrea and Davide, are the singer and the guitar player of the band, but we composed all the songs on the album so we wanted to be our own producers. We had a clear idea of the way the songs must sound and so it was impossible for us to take in account the possibility of having a guy outside of the band to take care of the album’s production. We recorded the album in different studios because of the guest appearances, John recorded drums at Rock-Lab in Torino, Federica recorded in The Basement Studio in Vicenza, Douglas in own home studio called Planet of Freedom, in Luserna S. Giovanni. The rest of the stuff was recorded partially at Rock-Lab and partially with our own equipment. The final processes were done by Andreas Polito, who mixed the album at Rock-Lab, and Mike Lind who mastered it at Masterplant, near Stockholm.

And now onto your new album track-by-track, what inspired you, and what do what to express with this song etc.

01. Among the Fields of Rust
Rustfield – It is the most representative song of our style because it contains both the heavy and soft souls of our music. The first half of the song is pretty heavy metal with fast and aggressive guitar riffs and powerful chorus, the second half is then calm and melodic, both are featured by electronic sounds and sequences. This duality is also reflected in the lyrics that are about the contrast of two environments, a rusty city suffocated by armoured concrete, and a wheat field caressed by a fresh breeze. Rust is often present in our lyrics, and of course you can notice it in the band’s name and in the album’s title. It is a metaphorical symbol of thoughts decay, of all the lies that we tell each other in order to live what we’re used to call a “civilized society”. We think that this song is very good as album opening and as well for gig’s first piece.

02. Waxhopes
Rustfield – This song follows the same way of the previous one, it is a mid-length song (about 7 minutes) with the same duality between soft and heavy music. This is the only song on the album where all the special guests play together. Federica sings the most heavy verse, it’s pretty cool! Many reviewers told that this is the best song of the album and is the one that Massacre released on YouTube as album preview. On the lyrics side, it tells the story of Icarus seen from his father Daedalus point of view. Daedalus was a wise man of science but, despite of all his knowledge, he was not able to save his son from death.

03. Losing Time
Rustfield – It is shorter than the previous twos and is a little bit more into progressive rock style. Bass guitar and drums create an odd tempo pattern where vocals of both of us entwine. It is a nice song for progressive rock lovers, there’s a lot of odd tempos and peculiar drumming but the whole song is melodic so that it is not just music-math! The lyrics are quite metaphoric and are about a dialogue between someone and it’s best friend about the relentless running of time.

04. Love Moan
Rustfield – This piece is totally different to any other song on the album because it is an acoustic song. Our band mates, Alessandro Spagnuolo and Luca Spagnuolo, are also classic trained musicians and they play contrabass and classic guitar. Douglas played piano on this song and they all arranged it with us shaping it in a wonderful way and making it sound very interesting. The lyrics tell the story of a mother that takes away her new-born child’s life and her own one in order to protect them from all the danger of this world. This story is partially inspired by a real fact that was in the news some years ago. The combination of all these acoustic instruments really make a very melancholy atmosphere that could perfectly fit as movie soundtrack.

05. Burning the Air
Rustfield – It is the first song of the “Compromise Trilogy” a sort of mini-concept about compromise. In all these three songs the electronic side of our style is very important and, in this piece, it is fully melted with heavy guitar riffs. Lyrics are about war and the way everybody as to compromise his own way of living to face war. It is a very important argument and, perhaps, one of the most dangerous to handle.

06. Sacrifice
Rustfield – This is the most melodic song of the trilogy, it is less heavy and it has a very catchy guitar riff as well as a very melodic chorus that make it one of the most successful songs to be played live. Lyrics face the compromise issue on a more personal point of view where all the compromises that people need to do to fit society become a heavy burden, a sacrifice.

07. Social Contract
Rustfield – The last song of the trilogy is also the heaviest and it is about the social contract, the biggest compromise that everybody has to do in order to live in society with other people. Beside a fast shredding guitar solo, this song is featured by a very intricate instrumental section where the instruments are surrounded by electronic sounds and audio samples. All these three songs are played with the same guitar tune, drop C, and there is no silence between them so that they could be played on stage one after the other as just one longer song.

08. The Secret Garden
Rustfield – This is a very peculiar song where the electronic sound are used not to create an aggressive atmosphere but an smooth and ethereal one. A handful of sound effects are looped in a sequence to create a strange but effective drumbeat. The vanishing verses climax into a chorus where, again, the contrabass creates a special atmosphere. The lyrics tell about a fortress that stand out far away, where the desert meets the sky, locked inside it lays a secret garden full of blooming plants and flowers. This is a very nice song to play live because it creates a completely different atmosphere that all the other songs do.

09. Run With Me
Rustfield – We usually play this song at the end of our short concerts, like festivals. This is an explosive piece, short, melodic and heavy. The lyrics are about the feelings and thoughts coming in mind when facing the mystery of human mortality.

10. Out of the Blue
Rustfield – This is an instrumental piece about 9 minutes long! We know that this could sound a little bit awful to many but we think this is one of the most interesting songs on the album. Even if it is long, it very diverse and explores many sounds, from classic progressive metal with odd tempos and solos, to psychedelic intermission with no drumbeat, just sounds that lead to a final reprise and an ending arpeggio of all the instruments in unison. Definitively, one of the most interesting songs of the album.

11. High Waters
Rustfield – The final suite, as every progressive metal album deserves! ;) This song is a final mix of all the styles we like to play. There are a calm and smooth psychedelic introduction and first verse that then turn to a heavier part full of solos and electronics and, then, to an epic finale as a conclusion of a more or less 70 minutes long debut album! The lyrics of this song are bout changes and about the way they can suddenly come into our lives forcing us to change our point of view and never come back to what we had previously. This issue is exposed in a metaphorical way picturing a sailboat that navigates along the coast following routes that are known by heart, then a storm suddenly comes and pushes the sailboat far away from the coast forcing it to navigate on high waters where sailing is completely different than previously. This song is one of the most appreciated by the critics, we love it as well and we usually play it as last song when we have the chance to make longer gigs.

Tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Rustfield – The artwork was made by Candace Hoeckley, a young American graphic designer. We noticed one of her works on DeviantArt and we contacted her in order to know if she could be disposed to do some changes to that artwork to fit it best to the idea we had of “Kingdom of Rust”. She accepted and the result was wonderful! The artwork depicts an immense wheat field and rusty city on the background, a road sign on the foreground welcomes the listener to Kingdom of Rust and the whole landscape is dominated by dark rusty clouds. The artwork is strictly connected to the lyrics of “Among the fields of Rust” but can be connected to some other songs such as the “Compromise Trilogy” and “Love Moan” because that concept of Rust, the decay of human thoughts in our society, is present in many songs on the album. We think that this artwork is perfect for our album and we think is also important to give to the music a good artwork package. Perhaps we are too much attached to the old fashioned CD but we think that giving to an album a nice graphic design is a way to tell the listener <Hey, take your time to listen to music. Turn on your stereo, sit on your sofa, open the booklet and read the lyrics. Enjoy the music as a piece of art and not just as a background of your daily life!>.

Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

Rustfield – Thank you guys of Powermetal.de for giving us the chance to talk about our work and thank you to all the website’s readers to spend a little bit of your time reading about Rustfield. If you are open minded listeners of progressive rock/metal, take a look to our website (www.rustfield.net) or Facebook profile and listen to some of our music, if you will support the band perhaps we will see each other on the road very soon… Ciao!


Kenn Jensen, March 2014