Producer: Juan Urteaga
Recorded at: Trident Studio, California
Video clip: The Fear Within
Review: 85/100 @
Ever wanted to find out what inspired a particular song?

Was it based on personal experience or simply passive observation?

What happened in the recording studio or on stage to make one song sound different from the rest?

These are just some of the question bands and musicians attempt to answer in Line 'em Up - the newest page of The Power Of Metal.Dk.

This is where your favourite bands comment on their albums, track by track, because as someone once said, “Ideas are the building blocks of ideas”.


Line'em Up with vocalist Steve Zetro Souza, Hatriot

Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album: " Dawn of the New Centurion".

But could you please start off by introducing the readers to the band?

Hatriot –  Definitely! Hatriot is a thrash metal band out California's legendary Bay Area, composed of me (Steve 'Zetro' Souza) on vocals, primary guitarist Kosta Varvatakis, secondary guitarist Justin 'JC' Cole, my oldest son Cody Souza on bass, and my youngest son Nick Souza on drums. Our music is not far off from the thrash I was doing back in my days with Exodus, but with a new and modern twist. The guys in my band are much younger, so they bring in a lot of modern influences.  It's the best of both worlds.

Could you please give us some info on the album: Where did you record the album and who has produced and mixed it?

Hatriot – Both of the Hatriot records were recorded at the same place - Trident Studios in Pacheco, California. We use Juan Urteaga for producing and engineering, and he has built quite the reputation in the metal scene for being one of the best in the business. With Juan you get Andy Sneap quality without breaking the bank. He is a fantastic producer, and has worked with a lot of the greats, including Exodus, Testament, and Machine Head.

And now onto your new album track-by-track, what inspired you, and what do what to express with this song etc.

01. My Cold Dead Hands

Hatriot – This song was inspired by the gun control controversy here in America. There have been several killings in recent times that have created a media frenzy, and with this comes a wave of politicians who try to push their own personal agendas. Right now there are politicians trying to alter the U.S. Constitution, where it specifically states that we have the right to bear arms. This song is about our freedoms slowly being stripped away.

02. Your Worst Enemy

Hatriot – Don't fuck with me. That's the bottom line with this song. If you fuck me over I will be your worst enemy!

03. The Fear Within

Hatriot – This is about a cabin in the woods killer who has a lot of time to think about what he has done and is continuing to do. No matter how much he regrets his actions, he cannot stop killing.

04. Honor in the Rise and Fall

Hatriot – It is about gladiators and how people in the days of ancient Rome were killed for entertainment purposes.

05. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious

Hatriot –  I wrote this title knowing that it was probably the longest title in the history of heavy metal, and so ridiculous that people would go crazy talking about it. I was right! It is a spoof off the famous Mary Poppins catch phrase. The lyrics are about corrupt world leaders that always fall in the end.

06. Silence in the House of the Lord

Hatriot – This one is about pedophile Catholic priests, and how the Vatican turns their head and like to pretend it doesn't happen. The church is more concerned about protecting their own reputation instead of protecting the children. That's the message with this song.

07. World Funeral

Hatriot – We have created such massive technology, and in my opinion it will get out of control and destroy the earth. These lyrics are about how technology is going to be the death of the planet.

08. Dawn of the New Centurion

Hatriot – I knew this was going to be the title track before we even recorded a note. The centurion is metaphoric. I am referring to the band going into battle. This is the dawn of the new chapter in the history of Hatriot.

09. Consolation for the Insane

Hatriot – We are all the insane. The crazy shit in the world, and all the struggles we go through as humans are making us fucking insane!

Tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Hatriot –  The art was done by Mark DeVito, who is a secret weapon here in the Bay Area for metal bands. He has done art for a lot of big bands, even Motorhead and Metallica. We used his art for the "Heroes Of Origin" album, and it turned out great, so we went back again for "Dawn of The New Centurion." The art on this record is the opposite of what we did with "Heroes." Last time it was a bright color scheme, so for this record we wanted dark and moody colors. It almost has a dungeon like feel to it. Mark is great. We basically give him the concept and he does a great job of bringing it all to life. I think artwork is a big deal for metal bands, especially if you are releasing your music on vinyl, which we have done. I always loved opening up an Iron Maiden record and just staring at the detail in the artwork. I think that is a lost thing in today's digital era, but we are trying to bring it back!

Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

Hatriot –  Yes!  Thank you for helping to promote the new record, "Dawn Of The New Centurion." I encourage all the thrash fans around the world to go out and get a copy. If you liked what I did in Exodus and Legacy you won't be disappointed. Thanks to the fans for continuing to support my music after 28 years in heavy metal. You fucking rule!


Kenn Jensen, March 2014