Producer: Pelle Saether
Recorded at: Studio Underground
Video clip: Fear
Review: 80/100 @
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Line'em Up with Magnus Winterwild, vocalist and bass player in Axenstar.

Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album: "Where Dreams Are Forgotten".

But could you please start off by introducing the readers to the band?

Axenstar – We started the band in Västerås, Sweden back in 2001 when we recorded our first demo as Axenstar. We have since then released six albums, Perpetual Twilight 2002, Far From Heaven 2003, The Inquisition 2005, The Final Requiem 2006, Aftermath 2011 and now Where Dreams Are Forgotten 2014. We are four guys in the band and we have had this line-up since 2009. Some highlights in the bands history is of course playing at Sweden Rock Festival and a European tour with fellow Swedes Falconer.

Could you please give us some info on the album: Where did you record the album and who has produced and mixed it?

Axenstar – We did as we always have and went and recorded the album at Studio Underground in Västerås together with Pelle Saether who helped us record, mix and produce the album. We are very happy with how the final result of the album sounds, it has a really heavy yet clear sound so I think that this is the best sound we have ever had. The mastering was done by Daniel Beckman at Ridge Street Studios.

And now onto your new album track-by-track, what inspired you, and what do what to express with this song etc.

01. Fear 
Axenstar – With Fear we wanted to connect to the “old” Axenstar sound with a lot of speed and a big chorus, the lyrics are about fears that will play tricks with your mind, if you believe in them they seem real to you. It is also the song that we decided to make our first video to, so we think it is a really great song.

02. Inside the Maze 
Axenstar – A typical Axenstar song if you ask me, a midtempo song that starts of with a guitar/keyboard intro lead, a kind of slow verse and then the easy sing-along chorus. Lyrically the song is about a guy that has been put under a spell by this “female being” and he is trapped in what seems to him a maze.

03. My Sacrifice 
Axenstar – Actually the first song we wrote for this album, it has a very hard and heavy main guitar riff and together with the galloping drums it is probably one of the heavier songs on the album. The message in this song is that you should stay true to yourself and do all the things you want to so you don't have to regret anything later in your life when it's perhaps too late for a change.

04. Curse of the Tyrant 
Axenstar – This is perhaps the most progressive song on the album, it has a middle-east/oriental vibe to it that will be most prominent in the middle part of the song. The story is about an evil king that is under a spell and in order to break it he has to find a certain girl to sacrifice well actually burn her alive haha.

05. The Return 
Axenstar – This is the one that comes closest to be a ballad, it starts off with a clean guitar and it has this really groovy 6/8 timing/tempo. The lyrics are about a guy or a girl that has died but are trapped in a space between life and death and constantly searching for someone to see or hear him/her. A sad story actually.

06. Demise 
Axenstar – It starts of with a heavy main guitar riff and continues with a up-tempo verse and then a big chorus. One thing that sets this song apart from the others is the really aggressive break in the middle of the song. The story is about a guy that has a mental disorder, perhaps schizophrenia, and he is constantly struggling not to let the other one take charge, but realizes that this is impossible.

07. Annihilation 
Axenstar – A really hard hitting in-your-face kind of song, it starts off with this lullaby inspired intro but then explodes in a fast verse. It never looses tempo and it is really high on energy all the time. The story is about war and all the gruesome things that people will have to endure when they are faced with war.

08. Greed 
Axenstar – A song that has almost a machine-like guitar verse riff that transcends into this really great big chorus with the double bassdrums pounding. I must say that the guitar solo on this one is the best on the album, great work by Joakim! The message is that you must stand up and fight for what you think is right, don't let anyone put you down, tell you what to do or try to take what is yours.

09. The Reaper 
Axenstar – Opens up with a big intro and continues with this groovy main guitar riff. The verse is pretty much straight forward no surprises there, then a short instrumental bit and then the chorus that encourages you to raise your fist and bang your head. The story in the lyrics is just that no matter what you do in life the only thing you can't escape from is death.

10. The False Imagery 
Axenstar – Another one of the signature Axenstar songs, uptempo and the typical sound/feeling that our fans will recognize. A clean/mellow break in the middle of the song transforms into another great guitarsolo. Lyrically the song has no distinctive message, it's just thoughts I had about the meaning of life and death.

11. Sweet Farewell
Axenstar – By far the heaviest song on the album and maybe the heaviest song we have ever written. The lyrics is really dark on this one and they are about a guy that is close to death and he starts thinking about what will happen when he takes that final step into the unknown.

Tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Axenstar – The artwork was made by Felipe Machado Franco, he actually did the cover artwork for Aftermath as well, so we knew that he would do a great job. He's really easy to work with and the result was fantastic. I think that a cool artwork is very important, it's a statement of how serious you are with your band and your music.

Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

Axenstar – Make sure to check out the new Axenstar album “Where Dreams Are Forgotten” and stay metal!!


Kenn Jensen, December 2014