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Ever wanted to find out what inspired a particular song?

Was it based on personal experience or simply passive observation?

What happened in the recording studio or on stage to make one song sound different from the rest?

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Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album “Arminius: Furor Teutonicus”.

But could you please start off by introducing the new line-up for the readers?

Rebellion –

Michael Seifert: One of the best Metal singers worldwide, the new Rebellion CD proves that.
Oliver Geibig: One hell of a songwriter, guitar player, solo player, whisky drinker, the new Rebellion CD proves that.
Stephan Karut: One hell of a songwriter, guitar player, best rhythm player, whisky beginner, the new Rebellion CD proves that.
Matthias Karle: Battledrums of doom from hell of death … the new Rebellion CD proves that
Tomi Göttlich: loudmouth, this interview proves that. 

And now onto “Arminius: Furor Teutonicus”… track-by-track, what inspired you, and what do what to express with this song etc.

01. Rest in Peace

Rebellion – We decided to let the album begin with the death of the protagonist, the booklet explains why (too long for this inti). It is a slow song with a monster chorus, maybe quite unexpected for a first track but we believe that it does not have to be negative to give people a bit of the unexpected, smile.

02. Ala Germanica

Rebellion – This is the song that everybody would have expected as a starter, it is Rebellion as ever: clear, powerful and straight into your face. Topic-wise we meet Arminius as a Roman soldier in the Pannonian Wars (how he got there and why he fought for his later enemies is explained in the booklet).

03. Prince of the Cheruscer

Rebellion – A midtempo pusher, reminds me a bit of Motörhead. Topic-wise Arminius is being honoured by the Emporer Augustus for his brave deeds in the Pannonian Wars. Augustus wants him to rule Germania as a Roman province.

04. Dusk Awaiting Dawn

Rebellion – A typical uptempo doublebass attack with a contrasting ballade like melody. Arminius is on his way home looking forward to meet his people again and hopes he will find them all well and in good health.

05. Breeding Hate

Rebellion – A mighty strong title with a killer chorus melody, Arminius has arrived home and finds things different from what he hoped, he sees Rome differently now and understands that his people are under suppression, deep inside he begins to breed hate.

06. The Seeress Tower

Rebellion – A slow and very epic yet powerful song. Arminius seeks the advice of a famed seeress because he is confused by his hopes and what he has found, he does not understand his fate and tries to find a solution.

07. Varus

Rebellion – A midtempo pusher again, very groovy. Arminius meets Varus, the new governor of Germania. He begins to hate Rome, the first ideas of a rebellion begin to grow.

08. The Tribes United

Rebellion – Again an uptempo song with an epic chorus. Arminius has the leaders of various tribes united to plan the uprising against Roman suppression.

09. Ghost of Freedom

Rebellion – A bit weird this song, maybe one of the weirdest that Rebellion have ever recorded, but I love it. Fast doublebass and a killer Chorus plus a bit of an spherical middle part, you know the “holy oaks and German Gods” stuff smile … to the Roman soldiers this must have felt rather realistic as they were about to meet the German Spirit of Freedom, which would become their Ghost of Freedom and leave them rather headless … all of them … 3 full legions … about 25.000 people … all headless … left rotting in the holy groves … stuff … lol.

10. Furor Teutonicus

Rebellion – Well yes, this is a closer description of the butchery mentioned above … the music of course is very slow, it is the romantic ballad of the album … lol … whaddaya think buddy, this is about being butchered … kinda stuff.

11. Vae Victis

Rebellion – “Don´t set your flag on our land we'll never kneel” … a bit of a final message to Rome which was heeded and the advice was taken. The music is uptempo and again with a killer chorus. A fitting title for the end of the album.

12. Requiem

Rebellion – And because I hate Racism and obviously the topic of this album could be used by racists to claim superiority of one race over another (who knows a bit about early German history does not buy any of such bullshit anyway, but the stupid and uneducated are the majority) and so I felt obliged to have that final song on the album. 

By the way, I am very well aware, that Arminius has been abused in the past by the Nazi dictatorship and others. I am a studied historian and have dedicated a year of research on the topic. It took much time and effort to mould the most elemental facts of that into to booklet which explains why I have chosen to write the story as it was written and also comments on the historical backgrounds. I am not saying, that everybody has to be into that … stuff … but whoever is interested might want to take a closer reading. 

Tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Rebellion – Twas done by Felipe Machado, I think he did a great job and of course the artwork is very important because it is the first thing people see of the album.

Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

Rebellion – METAL NEVER DIES … kinda stuff

Greetz to all the fans out there who have supported the band in the last two years and who have believed in the band. We do acknowledge and appreciate that. No “stuff” here, this is bloody serious.

Thank you: Tomi


Kenn Jensen, October 2012