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Ever wanted to find out what inspired a particular song?

Was it based on personal experience or simply passive observation?

What happened in the recording studio or on stage to make one song sound different from the rest?

These are just some of the question bands and musicians attempt to answer in Line 'em Up - the newest page of The Power Of Metal.Dk.

This is where your favourite bands comment on their albums, track by track, because as someone once said, “Ideas are the building blocks of ideas”.



Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album “2 Big 2 Fail”.

But could you please start off by introducing the readers to Love.Might.Kill?

Michael Ehré – Love.Might.Kill started some years ago when I recorded some tracks that I couldn't use in other bands that I was playing with. Not because the tracks were not good enough but they didn't fit into the styles of these bands. At that time I just wanted to record the tracks because I wanted learn more about the production of an album. I've recorded many albums but I never really produced one. I played the songs to some people and they all said “Hey, you have to do an album and release it!” In other words: it would have been a shame if I've left them only on my computer. So I looked for a singer and found Jan Manenti from Italy! The other guys in the band are all from Germany and I knew them all before, so it was no big deal to form a band.  

And now onto “2 Big 2 Fail”… track-by-track, what inspired you, and what do what to express with this song etc.


01. Save My Soul
M.E.: – This is the intro of the album. Our keyboardist Sascha Onnen did a real good job. He creates a mood that we all know from the good old “Rainbow” and “Deep Purple” days. But he takes it a step further by transporting it into the here and now.


M.E.: – XTC is our first video because the song combines all the Love.Might.Kill-trademarks that the people know from our debut album. Heavy guitars, catchy melodies and a soli bass/drums-groove. In the solo-part of this track we kind of introduce our new member Sascha Onnen as he plays the very first solo on the album followed by a twin guitar duel. The song is obviously about drug abuse.

03.Burn The Night

M.E.: – With Burn the night we show our heavier side. The song features some fast doublebass stuff with a really cool guitar/keyboard-solo in the middle. It describes the feeling when you go out on stage and feel the energy from the people.

04. The One

M.E.: – The one is a really slow but heavy track in the tradition of Black Sabbath. It's about those people who try to find their big love via internet.

05. Restless Heart

M.E.: – Restless Heart was our first single. If I'd had to describe someone what Love.Might.Kill is about I would probably play him this track. The song has a strong groove combined with some cool guitar-riffs and very melodic vocal-lines.–  .

06. Home

M.E.: – A very personal song written by our guitar-player Stefan Ellerhorst. This is the only track written in triplets which adds a very cool note to the album.

07. The Great Escape

M.E.: – The “nice” intro of this track leads you in a wrong direction. As soon as the heavy-guitars start you know that this song makes no prisoners. It's about businessmen who earn a lot of money while they spent millions without taking care of if it's right or not. They don't show any responsibility for the things they're doing.

08. Too Big To Fail

M.E.: – The title track of our second album is a kind of a ballad. I was never a big fan of ballads because there's always a thin line between a good ballad and a cheesy one. It's not so easy to write cool ballads that's why I'm always sceptic about that. But with Too big to fail we wrote a really strong song that's not cheesy at all! It's also very unusual to have a ballad as a title track but I like those little strange things, hahaha....the song is about us as a band. In the beginning it all started without any intentions to form a band and now...here we are with our second album.

09. We Fall

M.E.: – The second fast song on the album combines some heavy guitars with real cool melodies. This doublebass-track is a straight forward metalsong and a cool contrast to the former song Too big to fail.

10. The Big Screen Pleasure (and pain)

M.E.: – The big screen pleasure (and pain) is about those who spent their lifes sitting in front of a computer and playing games. They build their own universe while they're loosing the contact to the reality.

11. Alone

M.E.: – This song was written by our singer Jan Manenti. Jan has a real strong sense for cool melodies. He wrote the track before he joined Love.Might.Kill, so we just made a little change here and a little change there to make it LMK-compatible. –  .

12. The Perfect Mistake
M.E.: – The last song on the album was once again written by Stefan. Stefan is a real cool songwriter who doesn't care too much about showing his fantastic skills on the guitar but writes great songs. He is real team player!

Tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

M.E.: – The artwork was done by myself. It took a long time because I'm not a pro in that but I had my concrete ideas, so I worked until I was happy with the result. The artwork is very important in my opinion because it's the first impression you get of a new album. The picture shows all these bats that build our sign which is a kind of symbol for what Love.Might.Kill is about. We build this strong unit and together we're too big to fail.

Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

M.E.: – I'd like to thank all our fans for their great support! I hope to see you all on tour soon ;-)


Patrik Skoglund, November 2012