Voices on fire: interview with VAN CANTO


Van Canto are a genre in themselves. After all how many bands play Metal music using only vocals (and drums)? It’s called ‘a cappella’ music and Van Canto have taken it to a new level with their most recent album “Voices Of Fire”.

While the band was touring to promote this album I cornered Van Canto’s Stefan Schmidt and Ross Thompson for a quick chat. Listen to what they told me by clicking the link below!

Current line-up:
Philip ‘Sly’ Dennis Schunke – lead (male) voice
Inga Scharf – lead (female) voice
Ross Thompson – higher rakkatakka
Stefan Schmidt – lower rakkatakka
Jan Moritz – bassvoice
Bastian Emig – drums

Album discography:
Voices of Fire 2016
Dawn of the Brave 2014
Break the Silence 2011
Tribe of Force 2010
Hero 2008
A Storm to Come 2006
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