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Stream Of Passion is touring with The Gentle Storm at the moment. How is the tour going so far?
Awesome. The guys and gals of The Gentle Storm are a blast, we have a lot of fun together. And since I’m also joining them on backing vocals I have twice as much fun on stage!

Let’s talk about your latest album „A War Of Our Own“. It has already been released a year ago, financed by a crowd funding campaign. You reached almost twice the main goal of this campaign. Have you ever thought that it could be this successful?
We hoped it would go well, of course; but none of us imagined that it would go this well, and that we would reach our goal so quickly: it happened in one and a half weeks! It was such an incredible feeling, to know that our fans were there to back us up and make the album happen. I’m so incredibly grateful to them.

Stream of Passion has signed a contract with Graviton Music and the album is released again through the label, so you are in safe keeping now. But do you think there are also benefits of releasing an album independently?
Of course, and we’ve felt them and appreciated them all the way. We could make all the decisions concerning the album and how we wanted to promote it and market it; that’s something that’s usually all up to the label: what to invest in and what not to invest in. It felt good to say: “we want to make a video of ‘this’ song, we want to portray the band ‘this’ way”, and not have to ask for someone’s permission.

“A War Of Our Own” seems to be the darkest album in Stream Of Passion’s catalogue. Did this happen on purpose or has it just developed like this during the songwriting process?
I guess it just happened. We’ve constantly tried to add more depth to our songs, musically and lyric-wise; I think this was a big trigger.

Also, the lyrics are mostly about very serious and emotional topics. Can you tell us something about the main themes?
I can’t help but write about what’s going on around me. And I felt I had to tackle some big subjects on this album, like the issues going on in my native country of Mexico, or the struggles of friends and family against a disease like cancer or depression. There’s also a song inspired by the band’s own struggle as an independent artist; it’s all about the battles we struggle with day by day.


In which way has the band’s style developed during the years?
We’ve been incorporating more and more progressive influences into our music, as well as a little bit of a Latin flare. Influences we want to keep exploring as we go along.

Have you also developed as a singer?
Yes! Over the past few years I’ve learned so much more about my voice; I have so many more tools and ways to express myself fully with my voice, it’s very rewarding!

What is your favorite song of “A War Of Our Own” and why?
It’s hard to choose! And it changes from time to time. Right now I’ll go for ‘Monster’; it’s a song that encapsulates all the most important characteristics of our music.

What are the plans for Stream Of Passion in the near future?
We’ve got some cool shows and a new videoclip coming up to continue promoting the album, very exciting!

You were also part of the Karmaflow concerts in January. What was it like to bring this video game to life on stage?
Lots of fun. We got to put these incredible costumes on, and portray these characters; loved it! The whole cast was amazing and a pleasure to work with, definitely an experience to remember.

What are your personal plans for the future?
I’ve been secretly working on a solo album the past couple of months, and I’ll be going to the studio soon for some recordings. Really looking forward to that!

Again, thanks for taking the time and I also want to thank the whole band for “A War Of Our Own”. It’s such an amazing album.
Thank you! It was our pleasure to make it! And let me just send another huge THANKS to all our amazing supporters! We love you!

Interview by Sophie Runhke

Stream Of Passion – A War Of Our OwnLabel: Graviton MusicLink: Review of “A War Of Our Own”

Marcela Bovio – vocals, violin
Eric Hazebroek – guitar
Stephan Schultz – guitar
Johan van Stratum – bass
Martijn Peters – drums
Jeffrey Revet – keyboard

Embrace The Storm (2005)
The Flame Within (2009)
Darker Days (2011)
A War Of Our Own (2014)


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